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Thursday, September 27, 2018
High Efficacy Skincare Brands That We Love

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Finding a good skincare product can literally be a life-changing. With so many skincare brands in the market, you’re always on the hunt for your new skin heroes. Here are 2 new skincare brands that you should include in your skin care routine. Get ready to restore your skin to a smooth, glow and healthy state.



UMA Ultimate Brightening Oil  



The House of Uma has created the world’s finest luxury oils for centuries. As the trusted supplier of essential oils for the world’s best prestige beauty brands, including Estee Lauder and Tom Ford, the Uma family has long enjoyed the reputation as the world’s foremost producer of essential oils. UMA blends relaxing aromatherapy with skincare benefits to present a range of essential oils, which have been scientifically proven to yield dramatic improvements in skin health and overall wellness. Every treatment is expertly handcrafted in small batches to preserve the integrity of the Ayurvedic tradition. The Ultimate Brightening Oil is one of the brand’s best-seller, combining Sandalwood and rose essential oils which deliver rich hydration for a luminous glow.




Art of Noir Skincare Collection HKD320-2,550

Youth Revealed™ Library of Skin Seduction HKD2,900


Founded on a singular dedication to empowering women, NANNETTE de GASPÉ is an eponymous beauty company that helms numerous patents — with the dry-to-the-touch Techstile™ masques being its most revered. Promising youth rejuvenating benefits with each collection, the label bases its efficacy on years of scientific research and revolutionary technologies. It’s newly launched Art of Noir Skincare Collection, contains an exclusive and proprietary formulation including an infusion of Black Tea ferment, Black Superfruits, and Black Tahitian Pearl extracts. This complex of precious and rare ingredients provides continuous hydration, improved radiance, and potent re-densifying, reparing, and restoring benefits for a renewed and revitalized appearance.



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Monday, September 24, 2018

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As we become increasingly aware of reducing our environmental impact, “sustainable” and “eco” have taken on new meaning as design terms associated with the innovative, contemporary and creative, and waste reduction has become a hot- topic.


Sydney-based homeware brand Dinosaur Designs is a studio that has always done its part, and before it was hip to do so. Founders Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy met as students in Sydney and soon discovered their shared love of art and design. “In the early stages, we started making clothing and jewellery, and we eventually focused on jewellery,” says Olsen. We experimented with different materials from brass to Fimo, and then we found resin.”




More than 30 years later, and with resin at the core of the brand’s DNA, Olsen and Ormandy aim to incorporate sustainable design in all aspects of production. Resin is a by-product of the oil industry, and by repurposing the material, says Olsen, they aim to “create beauty from a material that could have been treated as waste”. Moreover, says Olsen, “our designs are handmade. We’ve always been mindful of the environment, in our designs and in the making.”


In fact, the pair takes constant inspiration from nature. “There’s something beautiful about the time things take to evolve in the natural world,” says Olsen. “Many of our forms are organic; you’ll notice the prevalence of forms and colours inspired by the land, sea and sky.”



Fortunately, the qualities of resin allow Dinosaur Designs endless possibilities to create new shapes and variations. “Working with resin is like working with paint, but it has a wonderful viscosity that allows us to cross the boundaries between sculpture and painting, so we can create pieces that we think of as visual poetry. The hand-crafting process gives each piece the slight differences that make it unique, so the result is very tactile, like a three-dimensional poem that you read by touch.”


Olsen and Ormandy also aim to ensure that the brand takes responsibility for its environmental footprint. “Just as experimentation and innovation are important when it comes to design, we’re continually focused on minimising the impact of our production processes. We constantly monitor our energy consumption and look for ways to minimise it. We’ve recently overhauled our water processing system to further reduce our consumption. The aim is to have a completely closed system.”


Impressively, Dinosaur Designs’ studio and stores all run on green energy, without greenhouse gas emissions. The company also collaborates with environmental causes including The Australian Conservation Foundation, 1 Million Women and food charity Oz Harvest.


The growing number of labels embracing this approach chimes with an increased awareness of, and appetite for, sustainability. When all of these elements come together – and in something as tactile as jewellery - they create something so alive and authentic that it adds meaning and soul to your everyday wardrobe.


With so many brands following the same streetwear trends, it can be difficult to discover menswear designers who are creating something that's truly unique. These four brands are changing the game through their unconventional designs, construction and wearability.


Founded in 2015 by brothers Giuliano and Giordano Calza, Italian label GCDS - “God Can’t Destroy Streetwear” - has garnered cult appeal thanks to its oversized silhouettes and bold graphics. A favourite among edgy fashion insiders, GCDS is frequently spotted on A-listers like Teyana Taylor, Joe Jonas, Lil Yachty, Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. Look no further than the brand’s colourful, eye-grabbing collection to make a statement.



Berlin might be known for its all-black sporty club-wear, but GOETZE is redefining the city’s sartorial cool factor. Founded in 2011 by Central Saint Martins graduate Sissi Goetze, the label is taking a fresh new take on classic menswear tailoring through striking patterns, unconventional cuts and minimalist design touchstones. Accessible, versatile and timeless, GOETZE’s subtle twist on men’s staples combines laid-back cool with an urban edge.



Los Angeles label RtA fuses street-tinged basics and high-end design through trend-forward pieces that can be worn casually or formally. Launched in 2013 by Eli Aran and David Rimokh, RtA specialises in lush fabrics and European craftsmanship, but with a pared-back West Coast flair.



Tokyo-based label Children of the Discordance is changing the game when it comes to sustainable fashion. Culling together fabrics from vintage outlets and fair-trade pieces from all over the globe, designer Hideaki Shikama combines his taste for early 2000s hip-hop styles with Japanese pattern-making techniques for clothing that’s both one-of-a-kind and personal.


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Athleisure blends fashion and comfort for everyday life. Check out some athleisure inspirations from Vaara, beyond Yoga, Abysse and P.E. Nation. Whether it is street-meets-sportswear or yoga-meets-fashion, you will find your personal style in the fit room.


Kayla Colourblock Stripe Performance Leggings HKD 1,350


A vision of model and entrepreneur Tatiana Korsakova, Vaara’s timeless and understated collection brings together fashion, wellbeing and the everyday. Made for the health-conscious, modern woman, the brand uses fine materials and intricate craftsmanship to create its effortless, versatile wardrobe.


‘Junko’ Checkerboard Performance Leggings HKD 1,900
‘Kay’ Checkerboard Raceback Sports Bra HKD 1,300

Driven by Tahitian surfer, Hanalei Reponty’s unconditional love for the ocean, Abysse combines fashion and function. The wetsuits, bikinis, and activewear are made from eco-friendly Japanese limestone neoprene and recycled fabric with an aim to increase environmental awareness.


‘Crossroads’ Twist Front Performance Tank Bralette HKD 500

Luxury athleisure brand Beyond Yoga seamlessly elevate classic silhouettes with striking prints, lush textures and intricate detailing.  At Beyond Yoga, the fabrics are responsibly sourced from all around the world. Designed to empowering woman to live their best lives, the collection is made for modern living. You will want to wear everywhere. 


‘Long Lift’ Layered Stripe Outseam Performance Leggings HKD 1,400

Refresh your altheisure look with a pop of colour. P.E. Nation’s aesthetic gives a nostalgic nod to Physical Education with a tomboy attitude, coupled with a focus on fit and functionality. Designed to take you to from the studio to the street, the brand celebrates an active way of life.


Discover more at Lane Crawford stores and online at


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Inspired by the liveliness of eyes, Christian Louboutin expands his opus of Eye Amplifiers, introducing Tape à l’Oeil Eye Colour collection. Enthused by and named after women who turn heads, this pigment-rich Eye Colour range is striking in tone and finish."Tape à l’oeil means eye-catching. It is a woman who exposes her femininity so that no one can miss her," describes the designer. Christian Louboutin’s Eye Colours enable a woman to enhance her eyes with a variety of looks to reveal or conceal her attitudes and intentions. The Maison introduces Eye Colour in two statement-making finishes – matte nude and metallic. Both collections launch in six shades for a total of twelve eye colours. 



Introducing the next generation of the coveted ambient® lighting edit from Hourglass. The unlocked edition features 6 new exclusive shades of powder, bronzer, blush and metallic strobe powder. This 100% vegan palette features the Hourglass symbol representing our commitment to being a cruelty free brand. A portion of profits from this palette will go to support the nonhuman rights project - the only civil rights organization in the united states working to secure legally recognized fundamental rights for nonhuman animals.




Charlotte Tilbury has the confidence-boosting, skin-enhancing answers you need. Introducing her new most magic concealer, Magic Away! – a miracle stick with concealing super powers in 16 magic shades. It instantly reduces the appearance of dark circles, blemishes and imperfections. The upshot of five years worth of work, this full coverage product is topped with a Magic Precision Sponge tip, designed to seamlessly roll over imperfections and leave behind a flawless, radiant complexion — no tricks necessary.






Monday, September 10, 2018

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Victoria Morris Pottery -
Gidon Bing -
Mt. Washington Pottery -




I started taking pottery lessons in high school and was totally obsessed after the first class,” says Victoria Morris, Founder of Victoria Morris Pottery based in Los Angeles. “I love the combination of the tactile, highly focused mental and physical experience of throwing, with the immediate gratification afterward of having made a functional object from a ball of clay.”

Morris is expressing a sentiment shared by many artisans; indeed, clay is one of our most ancient and loved materials.

Auckland-based sculptor Gidon Bing, is also a fan of clay’s immediacy. He creates deceptively simple, reductionist, works of art using experimental processes, represented in a select range of ceramic, metal and print works. “Concept to realisation can happen very rapidly, which is great for spontaneous conceptual work as well as rapid prototyping of more complex forms,” he says. “And I love its capacity for endless variation both in methods of construction, material and glaze and finish.”



Some of the material’s characteristics are just as appealing to users as makers, according to Bing, such as “its foundation in antiquity and our cultural heritage”. Morris goes further. “I think all handmade pottery is imprinted with the energy of the maker, and it’s that very quality that I believe translates into the unique feeling one gets when they hold handmade work of any kind. I love that there’s always an element of surprise with small studio pottery - the firings are all unique and different, so it’s virtually impossible to make any two pieces look the same.”




But raw material must be worked with the right process, and both are inspired by traditional manual craft. Bing’s creations combine this with a distinctly modern approach. “My steam wood bending methods and plaster model and mould making techniques are very traditional, but I often complement them with methods like laser cutting and 3D printing - this enables me to produce forms that have the tactility and boldness of hand-crafted objects with the precision that’s sometimes required for forms or objects that have human function.”



For her part, Morris creates her pieces uniquely by hand. “Every single piece is thrown on the wheel, trimmed, glazed and fired by me,” she says. “So I’d say each piece is quite personal and one of a kind.”





Morris’s and Bing’s works feature in store alongside charming, organically shaped pieces by Mt. Washington Pottery, geometric vases as part of Lane Crawford global exclusive collections and architecture-inspired creations by L’Objet. These beautiful ceramics will perfectly complement the showcase at Lane Crawford ifc mall by fashion industry veteran Leena Similu, a Lane Crawford Creative Call Out finalist from Los Angeles. Similu's studio Yaya Situation produces ceramic pieces inspired by her childhood summers amid the exotic landscapes of Cameroon.









Friday, September 07, 2018
Roam Free in Animal Print

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Big cat spots, zebra stripes and enigmatic python have leapt onto the style horizon. Once exclusively night-time, now designers are making them a wildly empowering choice for day.  Try this Jina dress from Isabel Marant Étoile, it is smartly concealed by the lively zebra pattern cast allover. Handknitted for the unique look, the cardigan from Sonia Rykiel has zebra and leopard details on each sleeve that channels the wild vibe.


Isabel Marant Étoile Zebra Print Dress HKD 5,280 | Sonia Rykiel Leopard Zebra Cardigan HKD 12,300



If you want to wear the animal print in a subtle way, pick a leopard print t-shirt from NSF. It looks great with skinny leather pants. A ruffle leopard printed skirt from Siliva Tcherassi also goes well with a simple shirt, making it look casual and cool.


Silvia Tcherassi Ruffle Leopard Split Skirt HKD 5,200 |  NSF Leopard Print T-shirt HKD 1,400


Discover more at Lane Crawford stores and online at

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