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Thursday, September 30, 2010
Let Your Kids Run Through The Rug Company


The Rug Company needs no further introduction.  Launched in Hong Kong three years ago when Lane Crawford Pacific Place home store opened, it is a brand that was born out of a passion for quality, design, craftsmanship and service.  Its credentials have enabled it to transform an industry and establish itself as the leading name for handmade contemporary rugs.


The uniqueness of The Rug Company lies in its dedication to innovative and original design, while maintaining the exceptional quality and durability achievable only by using the best traditional rug making skills.  Each rug is made by hand by highly skilled artisans and the finest natural yarns; each rug is precious and unique.


Renowned for its forward thinking and imaginative designs, The Rug Company has collaborated with some of the world’s most prolific design talent joined, including Paul Smith, Marni, Vivienne Westwood, Matthew Williamson, Diane von Furstenberg and Tom Dixon. Harnessing the unique vision of these world class designers, The Rug Company works closely with each one to create timeless, collectable pieces.


This season, Lane Crawford brings you the latest collections at The Rug Company – its Children’s line is just as exquisite in craftsmanship and designs.



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Thursday, September 30, 2010
Meet the Designer, Phillip Lim


Thursday, September 30, 2010
Freeze in Radiant Skin This Winter!

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Summer is passing by us and it’s time for us to embrace and welcome the freezing winter season. If you are worried about the winter months and cold weather can be harsh on your skin, the LC insider has all the survival secret tips to reveal, ensuring you a smooth and glowing skin throughout the season. 


We all know the delicate eyes area needs special attention during winters, and Elemis’s Pro-Intense Eye & Lip Contour Cream provides the solution to all of your problems such as dryness and fine lines. It contains active plant stem cells from edelweiss, combined with wheat amino acid, promising a plumper and finer skin texture. While with Bobbi Brown’s newly launched Hydrating Skincare Line caters to both your eyes and skin during day and night time. The ingredients in the Hydrating Skincare Line are designed to replenish dehydrated skin as well as restoring collagen for a natural plumpness and youthful appearance. For something more advanced and high tech, SK-II’s latest innovation, SK-II Skin Signature Melting Rich Cream effectively restores and boosts skin’s firmness, radiance and smoothness as its critical ingredient is a critical enzyme that has been discovered to activate the skin’s protein maturation process.


From this winter on, banish your dry skin and give your winter skincare regime a boost with all the goodies introduced!


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Thursday, September 30, 2010
Show Some Love to Your Little Ones

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This season, include your beloved pets in your shopping spree while stocking up the goodies from new arrivals! 


From dog bowls, outfits for summers and winters to collars, Mungo & Maud is the brand you are looking for to pamper your furry little ones.  Their design approach is stylish, considered and with a timeless quality.  Products are minimalist yet tactile with a strong use of natural materials such as cotton, wool, leather and linen.  They range from hand-stitched leather collars and leads to wooden feeding bowls, cotton beds and organic treats, made to Mungo & Maud's own recipe.  If you are inseparable with your pet and treat them as your travel companion, GR.J’s dog carrier is the perfect match, as it caters to different needs of every size of dogs and comes with a selection of colourful handles.


Visit Lane Crawford Pacific Place home store to make sure your beloved pets are pampered in style!


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Thursday, September 30, 2010
The Feminine Touch

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Last week we showcased the three sexy trenchcoats from the Heritage 160 Colleciton (learn more about the program here:, and this week we have the three trenchcoats that radiates with femininity. These three trenchcoats are poetically romantic in their own ways and one can easily recognize the soft touches that the artists have made to the trenchcoats.

Taylor Tomasi Hill

Taylor Tomasi Hill is the Style and Accessories Director for US Marie Claire. Hill started her first internship at W Magazine’s accessories department and became the Fashion Market Editor for the magazine, which helped her to develop and build her knowledge in the industry. Hill then left her work at W Magazine and became the Senior Fashion Editor at Teen Vogue before joining Marie Claire. Thinking about what she will want to wear herself, Taylor Tomasi Hill decides that she would “mix something very feminine and sexy with something more masculine and hard.” After creating a leather-trimmed corset, she takes it to a tailor to be fitted close to the body, then hands it over to her regular dyer to turn it into a chestnut brown with olive undertones. Then she adorns the trench coat with silver and gold crosses, which are donated by her friend and jewellery designer, Dana Lorenz. The corset gives the trench coat a feminine silhouette, but the colour, eyelets, and crosses toughens it up.


Topshop is a major style authority and one of the biggest success stories in the high street fashion world. Founded in the UK in 1964, it is affordable style with a brave and irreverent approach to fashion that has made it the number one high street shop for style conscious shoppers and industry insiders alike. For the trench coat, Topshop deconstructs the original Burberry trench coat, reserving only the key traditional and functional elements: the storm flaps, the epaulettes, the wrist straps and trims, then rebuilds the actual structure of the coat around these elements. Relating the design and creative process back to Topshop’s current trends, the stylish team covers the trench coat with a layer of romantic nude gauze and hand-applied over 7,000 sparkling crystals on the top. The creation is essentially Topshop, “we wanted to staytrue to the Topshop brand: young, directional and wearable.”

Lynn Yaeger

Lynn Yaeger, a veteran fashion reporter for The Village Voice, and now a regular contributor for The New York Times, Vogue, and Travel & Leisure, she has a strong personal identity and is known for her eccentric personal style, powdered face, and dark, cupid's-bow lipstick. Yaeger also won first place in the National Society of Newspaper Columnists ‘humour writing for newspapers’ with more than 100,000 circulations’ category in 2008. With the belief that anything can turn a tutu, Lynn Yaeger calls this piece the “ballet dancer trench coat” and has bring together all three of her favourite things: tulle, pink, and tutus. With layering of cotton-candy pink, white, and brown tulle onto the trench coat, Yaeger’s version is with no question the sweetest trench coat of the collection. The way the romantic tulle layers flares out at the bottom can easily turn anyone who wears it into a true ballerina.

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Friday, September 24, 2010
Luxury Bedding, Elegant Linens

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 We say a fragrant speaks of a personality, a dress reflects a fashion sense, but it’s your linens and beddings that represent your lifestyle.  A set of luxurious, comfortable and personal linens is almost as essential as having the must-have item in your wardrobe for the season.


If you don’t have a clue where to start finding the set of linens that is a perfect match to your bed, not to worry, as the LC insider has just the most comfortable, extravagant and stylish linens to introduce.  We have brought you new collections from Edmond Frette last week and we want to let you know that there are many more choices at Lane Crawford!   For example, there is the Italian linens brand Society.  While its linens contains luxurious materials such as cashmere, its natural fibers are also treated with the spirit and experience borrowed from the world of fashion, as all of their products are garment dyed giving it a washed look.  Customers are encouraged to mix and match different textures and colours together in order to achieve their individual look.  Speaking of mixing fashion with linens, Missoni Home collection includes bed linens that are a collection of innovation with a mix of contrast, different materials, colours and combinations.  Its overlaying of fabrics projects dynamic and colourful prints and patterns.  Last but not least, for those of you who are a big fan of Egyptian cotton, Chinese cashmere and finest silk, Somma is the brand for you.  It is known for searching, selecting and purchasing raw materials for their collection only from the highest quality.  It then develops the entire production cycle within its own facilities located in Italy, guaranteeing to produce the finest linens ever.


It does not have to be a stylish sculpture or designer chair to add style to your household, visit the Lane Crawford Pacific Place home store to see and feel these extraordinary linens and bring home that set of linens you have always been missing.


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Friday, September 24, 2010
Inspired Buys



A shelf could just represent order, system and structure. It could only be storage for glasses, books, movies and CDs. However, at Lane Crawford a shelf does not only represent these things, it is a form of style and taste.


For these unique and stylish storage pieces, we have a tastefully designed bar unit designed by Gesa Hansen from the brand Hansen. Made of solid oak, its compartments are spiced up with colours such as red, light yellow and blue. It is so unique and distinctive that rumours had it; even Justin Timberlake owns one at his house. For something even more exciting and fun, Linteloo’s book shelve titled nureyev is known as the “book carousel”. The designer, Roderick Vos created an ornamental piece of furniture, as it spins around and let you peek through the sophisticated design.


Make your storage spaces fun and electrifying by picking these extraordinary pieces up at the Lane Crawford Pacific Place home store, and arrange your books, magazines and literature in style.


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