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Friday, July 28, 2017

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Sometimes the simplest things can have a profound impact on the senses, the body and the mind. Immersion into an all-white room can be almost transcendental. In such a space one can appreciate the subtle nuances of white from the reflective chill of Arctic white to the soft allure of ivory and the crisp appeal of a matt white glaze on a sculpted pot.

In our Pacific Place home store, we’ve been weighing up the beauty of white and in the spirit of discovery; we have created an all-white room devoted to objects, linens and furniture. Think of it as a fresh starting point, a blank canvas for lifestyle ideas. White proves itself far from predictable. It hints at perfection, otherness and uniqueness giving designers ample space to explore texture, silhouette and form.



Milky glazed dinnerware from Astier de Villatte looks wondrous; Jonathan Adler’s Dora Maar portrait vase mystical while Seletti’s white mice that double as lamps inject humour and a touch of the surreal. So you see, this powerful shade does not need to be cold or clinical and when used correctly, makes for a bold and beautiful finish. Our top tip? Choose furniture and soft furnishings carefully - go for pieces that will add dimension through textures and layers.

Now is the time to consider building one’s own white sanctuary. Worth contemplating, of that we can be sure.


Discover more at Lane Crawford Pacific Place home store.  


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From the streetwear sensibilities that continues to pervade fashion today to the newest must-have essentials, we round up the key looks that you need to know for the season ahead.


Streetwear is ruling the style waves right now as brands across the spectrum convert skate and grunge staples into items of high desire. Subversive graphics, distressed and love worn finishes, and bold graphic logos entertain the rebel in everyone.




If there is one must-have wardrobe piece that is not going away, it’s the bomber jacket. Beloved for its versatility and ability to work both dressed up and down, this season it evolves from ultra-padded styles to more lightweight trans-seasonal iterations.

With an eye firmly on real needs, and real climatic conditions - brands are excelling in creating elevated utility wear. Waterproof technical fabrics, transformative zip on and off sleeves and saturated colourways give these multi functioning pieces the edge. They are made to be layered and easily combined with denim or suiting.

Labels are rewinding back to the ‘90s, finding a new love of message tees that proclaim your thoughts and values on your chest. Sometimes playful with a cheeky double entendre, oft provocative to incite a revolution, slogan tees are an exercise in self-messaging, so choose yours with intent.

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Fashion has a lot to say right now. From designers that chose to do it best with slogan tees that proudly announce their fight to the labels that opted to channel their views into brave game-changing collections, there is no better time than now to truly make a statement. We round up the key looks that you need to know for the season ahead.





Fashion is taking inspiration from the rich fabrics of a gentleman’s wardrobe to craft meticulously tailored pieces. Glen checks, Argyle, houndstooth, plaids and tweeds step forward to dominate the new season’s sartorial scene. The weaves and patterns are potent with storytelling and dare us to pick up a plaid habit.








Labels are rewinding back to the ‘90s, finding a new love of message tees that proclaim your thoughts and values on your chest. Sometimes playful with a cheeky double entendre, oft provocative to incite a revolution - what’s not to love?








The season’s new midi-dresses have plenty of volume providing freedom and flow, with trapeze silhouettes leading the charge. Sheer effects, lace, voile-like cottons and silks, ruffles and delicate straps encapsulate the new vision of pretty.







Proclaim your allegiance with a clubhouse stripes from your favourite brands. Keep the rest of the look simple or go all out, either way; it’ll be clear that that you are a jolly good sport.





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Cult sportswear brand, Particle Fever first came to viral fame with a sportswear legging with built in underwear and innovation is ingrained in the studio’s DNA. This couldn’t be more evident than with the Shanghai-based label’s worldwide exclusive sports capsule created in collaboration with Lane Crawford and The Woolmark Company.

“Merino wool is not frequently used as activewear, but actually, the function of quality Merino wool is largely underestimated and it is no longer a luxury old-money thing for younger generation,” says Zoey Liu, Co-Founder and CEO, who also cites the benefits of the material for outdoor sports.

The line up (dubbed Hetertopia of Structures) features multifunctional pieces including smart pinstripe wool and mesh bomber jackets; birds eye weave parkas that can wrap up into a backpack plus wool boxer lined shorts, bra tops and leggings in a muted palette with distorted graphics.

With an exercise-addicted team, they put the collection through its paces. “I love rowing, boxing and modern dance (it can help train hidden muscles you usually won’t exercise) and every one of us specialises in a different sport from cross-fit, scuba diving and ironman to the fixed bike,” says Liu. There’s even a speedball in the office and group morning workouts to get endorphins flying. “The collection is refreshingly unconventional, as bold and diverse as things we love to create,” adds Liu.




Discover the Particle Fever worldwide exclusive athleisure capsule collections at Lane Crawford stores and online at

Friday, July 14, 2017


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Bringing a novel approach to interior design, Lucie Kaas creates bright, unique products that withstand the test of time. Nordic aesthetics meets Japanese illustration in a cheeky collection of Kokeshi dolls. Originally produced by artisans in northern Japan, the charming wooden dolls have a rich history and it is said that Kokeshi in fact inspired the creator of the famous Russian Matryoshka doll.

Now, Lucie Kaas puts its signature brand of playful colour and contemporary artistic aesthetic to the traditional dolls with a line of pop and style icons. Meet Kokeshi Karl Lagerfeld, Andy Warhol and Anna Wintour, all hand-painted and ready to be displayed on your desk, shelf or children’s toy box. Collect them all or gift them to each star’s biggest fan.

Discover the Kokeshi dolls at Lane Crawford Stores.

Friday, July 07, 2017

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For those looking to add a bit of mindful healing to their daily hydration routine, we are loving VitaJuwel with its crystal gemstone blends that are said to vitalize the water by improving the water molecules.

Inspired by the tradition of ancient Greek crystal healing, German brand VitaJuwel turns a regular morning ritual into an amazing spiritual experience with its ViA bottles. ViA is a glass bottle that made of high quality, premium glass and comes with an interchangeable gem stone pod, filled with a selection of hand-picked gemstones. The patented gempod is manufactured by hand in the Austrian Alps.

From beautifying to wellness properties, the water is said to boost your health and mind. Discover the secrets of Vitajuwel in Lane Crawford stores and at

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Asia’s iconic luxury department store Lane Crawford collaborates with The Woolmark Company to launch two worldwide exclusive wool-rich athleisure capsule collections by Helen Lee and Particle Fever under the theme of “FitnessxFashion” in Lane Crawford ifc mall and Shanghai Times Square. 


From July 5, Lane Crawford will showcase these collections at captivating fitness inspired visual merchandising displays, highlighting the natural versatility, beauty and benefits of Australian Merino wool as the ideal performance fibre. This campaign also features Chinese supermodel and fitness enthusiast He Sui, who will also join the cocktail with Helen Lee in Lane Crawford Shanghai Times Square on July 8. 


With the theme of “Work Out Work”, Helen Lee’s collection aims to motivate urbanites to get moving and aspire towards a healthier, balanced lifestyle. Her layered looks combine modern prints in contrasting colours such as bright yellow and grey, while the use of lightweight and versatile Merino wool fabrics make each garment easy to combine and extremely comfortable to wear.


 “When people think of wool, they usually think of thick and heavy materials. However, the fabrics I used in this capsule were in fact incredibly light and breathable, and this project has completely changed my perception of wool,” said Helen Lee. “I aimed to design athleisure pieces in this capsule collection that are practical and easy to mix and match, but also comfortable, stylish and trendy.”   





The worldwide exclusive collection designed by Particle Fever perfectly encapsulates its theme “Heterotopia Differences”. From concept development to production, the designers were inspired to completely reinvent their conventional approach to activewear, using Merino wool fabrics to express the functional relationship between our bodies with space and time.  “Right from the beginning of my design process, I prioritized functionality over atheistic,” said Lin Hai, Chief Designer of Particle Fever. “Drawing the inspiration from Merino wool, I hope to bring up that wool-rich athleisure collection can also be stylish and innovative.”

The Woolmark Company has joined forces with Lane Crawford in a strategic two-year partnership in China and Hong Kong, to showcase outstanding local and international design talents, and to develop new creations and innovations inspired by Merino wool. In recent years, Merino wool has earned the reputation as a versatile, multifunctional fibre in the activewear sector because of its unique natural features and benefits, such as breathability, temperature control, moisture management, elasticity and resistance to odour. 
Discover the “FitnessxFashion” worldwide exclusive wool-rich athleisure capsule collections in Lane Crawford ifc mall as well as online at  

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