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Lane Crawford, Greater China’s iconic luxury department store, unveils an engaging world of inspirations with the curated “Journey to Discovery”, a fresh and eclectic edit of exclusive collections, modern designs, and travel-inspired products. Customers are invited to explore a new realm of style as they embark on a journey to discover new brands and visionary concepts that will spark their imagination and ignite their curiosity. 

Discover Exotic Destinations with Monocle Magazine

Global affairs and lifestyle magazine, Monocle, launches a pop-up store at Lane Crawford ifc mall to debut the publication’s newest edition of The Escapist, a travel-minded journal of “places less explored” for the adventurous, discerning jet-setter. To celebrate the launch of the new book, an intimate cocktail event will be held on August 4, where customers can personally meet editor-in-chief, Tyler Brûlé, while browsing through a specially curated selection of lifestyle and travel objects and distinctive accessories from the Monocle Shop.




The Escapist

Discover Timeless Travel with Globe-Trotter x Alexander McQueen
Luxury British luggage label, Globe-Trotter, has joined forces with Alexander McQueen to produce a quintessentially British capsule collection that combines traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge design. Steeped in history, Globe-Trotter is the luggage label of choice for those looking to punctuate their travel with timeless British glamour. Representing a refreshing sense of authenticity, Globe-Trotter has been creating suitcases for clients including Sir Winston Churchill in the same Hertfordshire factory since 1897. 

Each Globe-Trotter x Alexander McQueen suitcase is stamped with signature details synonymous with the iconic Alexander McQueen label, including a studded black exterior and skull motif lining, and finished with Globe-Trotter’s time-honoured design details. The result is a collection of sharp and stylish suitcases that perfectly balances the best of both modern and classic British design. 

Discover Ethical Fashion with Ffixxed Studios

Be captivated by the beauty of simplicity and authentic design with Ffixxed Studios, a Shenzhen-based fashion label discovered by Lane Crawford’s Created in China programme, where art and design meet via a considered and responsible approach. Founded by Australian artists and designers Kain Picken and Fiona Lau in Berlin, the revolutionary brand explores the role of clothing in contemporary living through new and unexpected forms, high quality materials, and personalised production techniques. What results is a collection of uniquely modern pieces that adapt, respond to, and inspire change in the world today. 

The brand’s latest exclusive collaboration with Lane Crawford features 20 styles of elevated unisex basics in easy silhouettes and a palette of indigo, grey, and black that integrates seamlessly into everyday life.

Rediscover Elegance with Marc Jacobs
The newest addition to Lane Crawford’s womenswear edit is critically acclaimed American label, Marc Jacobs. Celebrated for his beautiful yet unpredictable individual pieces and couture-like craftsmanship, designer Marc Jacobs consistently reinvents the codes of style and is one of the most influential designers in the world. The brand’s highly anticipated Autumn Winter 2016 collection reinterprets key elements from recent runway presentations to create new long-term signatures for the fashion house. 
Proportions are pushed to the extreme with bold new silhouettes, while embellishments return with embroidery, patches, and trinkets paired with moody imagery of cats, spiders, and swirls created by New York artist Tabboo!. The overall colour palette takes a darker turn this season with shades of grey accented by subtle pops of green and mauve, and patchwork and hand-crocheted details add a layer of texture and interest. Staying true to his reputation as a rebellious yet authentic designer, Marc Jacobs once again cements his status as a driving force in the fashion world.

Discover French Craft with Astier de Villatte
French lifestyle brand Astier de Villatte is renowned for its classic approach to ceramic and its exquisite collections of one-of-a-kind homeware pieces. Handcrafted in an 18th century silversmith’s workshop using traditional techniques, each Astier de Villatte piece is an enchanting object that features minor imperfections, reflecting the brand’s artisanal hand production process and its commitment to creating meaningful, authentic products. Be transported back in time with Astier de Villatte’s 18th and 19th century-inspired designs, and inject life into any living space with the brand’s collection of elegantly unique dinnerware, candles, fragrances, and vases.


Discover the Power of Sound and Innovation

An alternative wellness treatment growing in popularity around the world, sound therapy is the art of using sound frequencies and harmonics to heal the body emotionally and physically. In view of the busy, high-pressure lifestyles of Hong Kong’s city dwellers, Lane Crawford unveils the Sound Room in its ifc mall store, a tranquil space offering soothing sound therapy via wireless speakers from Bang & Olufsen, Beats, Mars, Marshall, and Vifa, transporting customers to the perfect state of relaxation from now until August 30.


From August 10 to 30, a collection of progressive gadgets for modern travel and lifestyle will be showcased in the Innovation Room at Lane Crawford ifc mall. Customers will have the exclusive opportunity to preview and experience trendsetting technologies including Bragi’s wireless, waterproof smart earphones, Halfbike’s pedal-powered scooter, and Coolest’s portable, multifunction cooler.


Discover “Shop to Win” Surprises

From July 25 to August 28, customers enjoy a chance to win a three-piece luggage set from Rimowa, Zero Halliburton, and other brands upon any transaction at or above HKD 3,800 in store and online at The winner of the grand draw will receive a bespoke Globe-Trotter trunk.


Friday, July 22, 2016
New Brand – saam1

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Combining American sportswear design with classical symbols from the East, souvenir jackets are the exemplar of cross-cultural cool. With the special capsule collection of souvenir jackets, saam1 brings craftsmanship and Chinese heritage exclusively to Lane Crawford customers.

                      SAAM1                                              SAAM1                                         SAAM1 
            'GLADIOLUS' MONKEY                        SWEET PEA' DRAGON                         'VIOLET' TIGER 

                   HKD5,900                                           HKD6,100                                      HKD5,900

Known as sukajan, the garments originated in post-WWII Japan, where American servicemen used Japanese and Chinese dragons and tigers, among other Eastern motifs, to customise their flight jackets. To rework this trend, London’s Central Saint Martins-educated, Hong Kong-based designer Joseph Li was invited to interpret the Eastern spirit into contemporary clothing. Featuring the intricate embroidery of animals from the Chinese zodiac, including the tiger, dragon and monkey, the souvenir jackets are all made in the finest silk. Besides the zodiac animals, Li also embroidered Chinese numerological charts on the bombers, to explore the idea of “how numbers order our lives in today’s digital world”.

Chinese motifs, quality fabrics and modern, sportswear-influenced shapes are at the centre of Li’s brand, saam1, founded in 2015. Taking eclectic inspiration from grime artist Skepta, Bruce Lee, Jean-Michele Basquiat and Maxine Buchi, Li combines influences from new and old pop culture with minimalist shapes and bold details. These jackets are the ultimate embodiment of East meets West − a modern staple reworked in safe hands.


                      SAAM1                                            SAAM1                                          SAAM1

          'GLADIOLUS' MONKEY                       'SWEET PEA' DRAGON                          'VIOLET' TIGER 

                   HKD1,600                                         HKD2,000                                       HKD1,500

Discover more at Lane Crawford stores and online at

Friday, July 15, 2016
New Brand - Caroline Constas


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For Caroline Constas, the path to fashion was no ordinary one. The New York-based, Canadian-born designer was pre-med at university when she launched her label, inspired by her frustration over never finding the clothes she wanted. Her scientific background spurred her on to research fashion from a quantitative standpoint, where she found that the majority of fashion brands were pressured to source the most cost-effective fabrics in favour of the bottom line.

Constas wanted to turn this on its head, and through a thoughtful design process that allowed her to use only the best fabrics, she began creating collections that featured simple yet sophisticated staples. Since launching in 2013, the designer has been lauded for her use of poplin shirting in her off-the-shoulder tops and day-to-night dresses; perfect transitional pieces for women on the go. 




Discover more at Lane Crawford stores and online at

Friday, July 15, 2016
New Brand - Smart Rope

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Exclusively launching with Lane Crawford, the Smart Rope is a new take on the workout staple. The rope is embedded with 23 LEDS and magnetic sensors to accurately track each revolution so with each jump, the Smart Rope displays the jump data on the actual rope mid-air as you workout. Connect it to the smart phone and download the Smart Gym app where all data – including calories burned, workout times and jump count – is not only recorded but also synced with Google Fit and Apple HealthKit.

For the most efficient and portable cardio workout, the Smart Gym app also recommends interval training based on your fitness goals and encourages motivation with a gamification feature for the smartest and most immersive fitness experience.


Discover more at Lane Crawford stores and online at

Friday, July 08, 2016
Surf the Style Wave

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After years chasing waves around the world as a professional surfer, Luke Stedman decided to channel his growing creative energies into Insted We Smile. Launched in 2012, the label brings to life his carefree philosophy – “all things that get me high and get me by” – with bold graphic prints and unmistakably playful colours.

This year, Stedman celebrates his father Shane’s 50 years of creating and designing surfboards in a father-and-son collaboration, with the artwork on each of Stedman Senior's boards finding inspiration from IWS’s new-season collection. The result is a one-of-a-kind mix of style, surf and independent spirit.

              INSTED WE SMILE                              INSTED WE SMILE                            INSTED WE SMILE

             'PETTIBON' DIGITAL                    PAISLEY PRINT SWIM SHORTS              'OLSON' SWIM SHORTS
            PRINT SWIM SHORTS                                  HKD930                                           HKD930



Māzŭ tailored swim shorts in soft nylon fabric with a blend of tradition and modernity. Inspired by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai’s painting The Great Wave and traditional Chinese warship flag, its prints refresh the classic-cut swimwear in both quality and comfort. To raise awareness of to rescue animals, the proceeds of the pink dolphin print shorts will go to help the Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society (HKDCS).


                        MĀZŬ                                            MĀZŬ                                             MĀZŬ

          'RINGO' DOLPHIN PRINT                 'SOUTH CHINA SEA' WAVE             'QING DYNASTY' TRIANGLE 

                 SWIM SHORTS                           PRINT SWIM SHORTS                    PRINT SWIM SHORTS

                    HKD1,400                                        HKD1,400                                       HKD1,400


Embrace the summer with the latest collection available in Lane Crawford stores and online at

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