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Friday, December 29, 2017

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We are in the middle of festive holiday party season. Pre-planning for your January hangover, we can help you to choose the best option from our edit of detox saviours. When you wake up bleary-eyed and bloated on the first day of 2018, there’ll be no time to waste. Let’s set a new year’s resolution with these wellbeing treats:






Founded by supermodel Elle Macpherson, this ultra-luxe multivitamin combines no less than 45 natural ingredients, including vitamins, Chinese herbs, enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics to maintain good nutrition and restore your body’s optimum pH levels. Benefits include neutralising free radicals, stimulating thyroid and metabolism and improving liver health.





A reviving tea with digestion-boosting fennel, elderflower, aniseed and senna fruit to help de-bloat and rid the body of harmful toxins and free radicals. This tea is formulated to cleanse and purify following a period of indulgence. When you want to cleanse out your system in an easy, non-abrasive way, incorporate a detox tea into the daily routine. Who doesn’t love a minimal-effort approach to detoxing?




 Made with forty-five certified organic ingredients, including fibre-packed chickpeas, lentils and mung beans to help flush out the system and remove toxins, along with broccoli, beetroot, lemon and kale to support the liver during detoxification. It is great for general wellness, energy and de-bloating. Especially if you’re already into making a smoothie each morning, it’s a fuss-free way to bolster your health.



Discover more at Lane Crawford stores and online at


Friday, December 22, 2017
Bright Young Things

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Introducing the next new generation of fashion





“I want to express the new sense of men’s tailoring,” says Shanghai-based Li Gong. And, having graduated with an MA in Fashion from London’s prestigious Central Saint Martins this year, the emerging talent could not wait to get his ideas off the block.


Gong ‘compressed’ his own name to come up with the brand name and focused his ambition on translating tailoring traditions for the street. There are plaid trousers with thigh inserts, tailored track pants, bold shouldered spencer jackets with zipper pockets in the well considered, urban mix.


Gong, who we discovered through our Creative Call Out programme earlier this year, states his leading aesthetic as “Form follows function,” something that wowed our judges.








With his fresh, dapper take on sportswear  - not to mention a brilliant brand name - entrepreneur, Lerry Liang, was amongst the winners from our Creative Call Out 2017 programme.


Liang’s passion for East Asian pop culture, boy bands and Japanese anime is channeled into a snappy capsule featuring pinstripe baseball pants and caps, polo neck tops and hoodies finished off with punchy numeric and graphics. 




Friday, December 22, 2017

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Introducing the bright young things that are set to light fashion on fire







Imagine a drape and twist T-shirt that shows off your midriff or a pair of brief-meets-thong knickers that flash above your waistband – Sirloin is a Shanghai brand that’s big on cheeky glamour or ‘stupid elegance’ as the founders Mao Usami and Alve Lagercrantz dub it.


“We encourage people to embrace their twisted minds or strange habits and we find ideas from funny fleeting funny moments on the street. Our Roll and tee took its cue from Chinese men who like rolling up their tees in hot summer day to flash their beer bellies.”



Sirloin debuted its Spring Summer collection in Paris but in the grand art deco public toilets located at Place de la Madeleine. Madness is the mother of invention as they say.





Hailing from Sydney, Elissa McGowan is as obsessed with sculpture as she is with the way women live. “The way a woman feels is paramount to the development of each piece, and I like to select beautiful yet practical fabrications that allow her to move through her day with ease and confidence,” says McGowan who set up her label in 2013.


She seeks out environmentally friendly fabrics, crafting them into pieces with wardrobe lasting-power such as tunics and palazzo pants, flute sleeve blouses and smock shirts. “I love the 70’s and the early 80’s as a reference, that whole Jerry Hall look. When my woman wants to dress up, she does it on her terms. No fuss, very clean and strong,” says McGowan who uses flourishes of gold for buckles, grommets and earrings as a signature.


“Fashion’s ability to have an emotional impact upon a person is truly incredible. It fills you with optimism, hope and empowerment. It offers you the freedom of imagination.”



Friday, December 15, 2017

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Founded by the Taiwanese creative outlet NE.SENSE, Necessity Sense has teamed up with Lane Crawford to create a global exclusive capsule collection. This “Glory Times” collection pays tribute to Beyond, the influential Hong Kong rock band with greatest hit in the 80’. The song is heavily inspired by the African culture and social movement under Nelson Madela’s leadership. 



As a tribute to the legendary band, Necessity Sense reinterpreted the punk style with an African touch whilst encapsulating the fashion style of Beyond’s vocalist - Wong Ka Kui. The global exclusive capsule collection consists of varieties of tops, jackets and loose sweatpants with subtle details such as flannel grids, stripes and an earthy colour palette inspired by the African traditional patterns.



Necessity Sense will be available at Lane Crawford stores and online in January 2018.



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Share the Joy of Giving with Lane Crawford, Asia’s iconic luxury department store, by finding the perfect gifts for your special ones and spreading love to the community this festive season. With a world of breath-taking creativity, luxury lifestyle and curated gifts in store and online, Lane Crawford has everything you need to create an unforgettable Christmas.


Lane Crawford stores and have been transformed into Christmas emporiums featuring its global exclusives as well as exciting gift ideas shaped according to your special someone’s behaviours and preferences. Whether looking to surprise your partner with a truly unique gift idea, or spoiling a best friend obsessed with the newest in fashion and lifestyle, or saying a sophisticated thanks with an indulgent hamper, Share the Joy of Giving with Lane Crawford with a twist.


Spread festive joy and share love with the community with Lane Crawford by making a small donation (between HKD5-HKD95 for each transaction) to the Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation. From now until December 25, Lane Crawford will also donate HKD5 for each global exclusive product sold, raising funds to help local underprivileged children develop their creative talents. 


Customers can enjoy complimentary gift wrapping service for shopping in store and online at, to add a personal touch to each of your gifts with its festive packaging.




GIFT IDEAS HK$500 – 2,000




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From lux lovers to mindful mavens, this Christmas Lane Crawford curates an edit of beauty and wellbeing gifts for women of all ages. Here are some of the wish list favourites, include gorgeous beauty treats from Gucci Beauty, Hourglass and Tom Ford Beauty. For those who would like to have a mindful Christmas, Welleco’s sleep welle caddy with calming mist set and Vanessa Megan’s Baby Organic Set are perfect gift ideas for wellness aficionados. Inspired by the tradition of ancient Greek crystal healing, globally exclusive Vitajuwel 'Chi' water bottle will help your body radiant health. This holiday season, treat someone special and yourself with these beauty must-haves. 



Discover more at Lane Crawford stores and online at


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Fortnum & Mason Pop-up Stores set-up:

Fortnum & Mason’s gourmet selection:


This year, Fortnum & Mason and Lane Crawford join hands to transport the authentic Fortnum experience to the pop-up stores at New Town Plaza and Cityplaza beyond Lane Crawford stores. From now until Feb 28, 2018, customer can shop Fortnum & Mason’s much-loved gourmet selection of signature tea, hampers, biscuits, confectioneries, and Christmas limited editions featuring artwork by renowned designer Kristjana S Williams. 



From its legendary premises in the heart of London’s Piccadilly, Fortnum & Mason has been serving its loyal customers, including the British royal family, for more than 300 years. Known around the world for its peerless selection of fine teas, sweet treats and artisanal preserves, Fortnum & Mason comes into its own at Christmas time, when it is a hotspot for those looking to stock up on its signature traditional foodstuffs and gifts.


Hampers are one of the most popular Christmas gifts today, but their history stretches back centuries. In its earliest days, Fortnum & Mason created hampers for its well-heeled customers when they were leaving London for their country estates, and the tradition of offering products that are the perfect filling for any gift hamper continues to this day. From moreish biscuits such as dark chocolate and macadamia nut or Christmas Teatime, to festive Christmas sponge pudding set, the brand perfectly captures the taste of Christmas. 


Lovely Little Things


The big presents under the tree might grab most of the pre-Christmas attention, but well-chosen stocking fillers are a long-held tradition that shows just as much care. For those little surprises, it’s hard to go wrong with sweet treats, and Fortnum & Mason offers a selection of exquisite chocolates that are perfect for children which come in beautifully designed packaging. The brand also offers an intriguing selection of biscuit flavours presented in delightful traditional souvenir tins.


The Perfect Pour


There are few British traditions as widely celebrated or as deeply held as the classic cup of tea, and nowhere caters to the discerning tea drinker more than Fortnum & Mason. As well as its wide range of signature loose and bagged teas, from Darjeeling Broken Orange and Breakfast Blend to Green Ginger and Camomile Infusion, the brand also offers special-edition packs that make the perfect gift, including the Flowering Heart Tea Wooden Box and the Queen’s Blend Tea, which commemorates the record-breaking reign of Queen Elizabeth II with a blend of Kenyan, Rwandan and Assam teas. As well as the teas themselves, Fortnum & Mason is also renowned for its teaware, including ornate tea strainers, cups and saucers, sugar bowls, serving trays and, of course, teapots.



Editor's notes:

Fortnum & Mason Pop-up Stores’ Addresses:

  • Unit 113, Level 1 Atrium Space, Cityplaza
  • Kiosk 399, Level 3, New Town Plaza Phase 1


Enquiry: +852 2118 2288

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