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Friday, January 26, 2018

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5 different Loquet London charms for five different special someone’s

This Valentine’s Day, skip the serious, stuffy fine jewellery in replace of something playfully personalised.

High-end jewellery label Loquet London allows the wearer to craft their own bespoke locket using charms and precious gems, creating the ultimate ultra-modern keepsake for Valentine’s Day gifting. But with a plethora of charm options on offer, it can be tricky to decide which charm to choose for whom.

To help you narrow down your options, we suggest five different Loquet London charms perfect for five different types of women.


This heart-shaped charm made of sapphires is the perfect choice for the woman who appreciates a classic romantic gesture - and who doesn’t mind wearing her heart on her sleeve.


Fresh Forget Me Not flowers are given with hope that their recipient will not forget the giver and this charm does the same thing – except this memento will last forever. Perfect for the partner you’re often without.


While you could give an initial of yours or your lovers name using these letter charms, we love the idea of spelling out a word that means something to only you and your partner but might seem cryptic to others. Perfect for someone you’ve known - or feel like you’ve known - a lifetime.


The Girl and Boy charms are a thoughtful choice for any loved-one - whether it is your partner, mother or friend - who has children. Give one to symbolise each of their offspring and it’ll be a gift they cherish forever.


The Give A Hug charm is the perfect gift for the far-flung lover or loved-one - every glance will let them know you’re giving them a hug in spirit when you’re not able to do it in person.

Discover and gift your own charms this Valentine’s Day in store at Lane Crawford Canton Road from February 1 – 14, 2018.

Friday, January 19, 2018

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“25 Rue St Germain,” “Je T’Aime” and “Star” these are some of the spirited words on Sonia Rykiel’s new Manifesto capsule collection of sweaters that creative director Julie De Libran has curated to celebrate the brands’ 50th year.


The late Sonia Rykiel had a passion for books and words (so much so that she assembled her own library in the St Germain flagship that de Libran has since had restored) and penned several books and essays.



Her most adored was a quirky lexicon of style called “Dictionnaire Déglingué,” which translates as ‘collapsed dictionary,’ and within it, the author assembled her favourite poems, aphorisms and words in an eccentric, sensual riff on style, life and love. She likens a dictionary to Sauternes (the sweet French pudding wine) and describes it as, “a sublime bottle to drink while looking into the eyes without leaving.”



One can now imbibe the seductive power of Sauternes on an olive green sweater. The words bounce of the bold graphic knits with good humour, some making more ‘sense’ than others. But then, a little ‘word play’ is one of life’s true pleasures.



Discover more at Lane Crawford ifc mall, Canton Road and online at


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Lane Crawford, Asia’s iconic luxury department store and a globally recognised retail innovator, presents Maria Tash’s elegant fine jewellery collection in a pop-up piercing spa in its ifc mall and Canton Road stores. Being the exclusive retailer in Asia, Lane Crawford has invited Maria Tash's celebrity and expertly trained piercing teams from New York and London to Lane Crawford for 10 days only, to offer their latest collections, styling advice and unrivalled services from January 19 to 28, 2018.


With over 20 years of experience and innovation, Maria Tash's eponymous piercing spa and boutique in New York City has claimed the reputation of offering the best in service and overall piercing expertise and the curation of individualized looks. Maria has fine-tuned the art and expertise of not only piercing but also designing earrings that sit on the ear in the most flattering way, feature her proprietary post designs and offer durability and comfort. Art meets science with Maria's approach to piercing and design and celebrities as well as fashion and beauty industry elite are customers and fans. Many travel to see Maria and her trained staff of stylists for their unique technique and unrivalled design eye that treats every customer with an individual approach that takes their facial qualities and personal aesthetic into consideration. Since the opening of her London Studio at Liberty Jewellery Hall in 2016, Maria Tash is widely regarded as the pioneer of the modern movement around designing and curating luxurious, elegant diamond jewellery.



Her unique technique and unrivalled design eye has created a new wave of fashionable piercings, and therefore attracted celebrity and fashion influencer fans including Scarlett Johansson, Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus, FKA Twigs, Hilary Tsui, Elly Lam, Tina Leung, and Lindsay Jang among her loyal clientele.

Inspired by the art of body piercing and Indian and Pakistani design, Maria Tash’s collections are filled with everything from gold spikes on tiny-hoops to diamonds set in scalloped gold. She also ensures these exquisitely fine earrings are not only hypoallergenic and durable, but also comfortable and beautiful. Her classic diamond eternity ring and single diamond heart and arrow studs are the most popular pieces. Together with a wide range of clever closures and decorative backings earrings, her expert team will offer tailored ear curation and piercings according to customer’s personal style.

To reserve a private consultation with a piercing expert from the Maria Tash Team at Lane Crawford ifc mall and Lane Crawford Canton Road, please call +852 2118 2288.





Friday, January 05, 2018

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Suzy Drawer $21,500


Great design to me should tick three boxes: It must make you feel good, be functional and have a beautiful aesthetic that never dates,” shares Caroline Olah, founder of designer furniture brand Reddie.


It’s three boxes Olah confidently ticks with her timeless, light-hearted and functional collection of furniture, including dining tables, block stools, stackable dining chairs, coffee tables and benches, all crafted in beautiful materials in classic forms - with just the right touch of retro. What’s partially impressive about the collection is the quality. Made by a team of craftsmen in Central Java Indonesia who specialise in Danish woodworking, each piece is made using the world’s most premium wood - solid teak - paired with European marbles, and promises to last a lifetime.






As Hong Kong’s typically bite-sized abodes can make decorating feel like a challenge, we ask the interior designer and former local resident what tricks she has up her sleeve when it comes to making a modest home look larger.


 “Choose a dining table or sofa that is your ideal size and then work from there. If your place is small, don’t shy away from picking a larger statement piece. Oversized mirrors are also another way to double your room size. I also find having a pared back space makes you feel calmer, and gives your mind room to breathe, so pick a few great pieces and keep out the clutter. Additionally, I love large tropical plants. When you’re unable to have a large backyard, they help clean the air and bring an outdoor feel to your home.”



Suzy Laptop Table $2,500



As for what Reddie pieces work best for a home with limited space? “The Vinny Media unit is great for small flats, as it has so much storage, and can hide all the ugly electronic equipment. The doors are perforated so you can change the channel whilst closed. The Suzy laptop table also works well because you can place it anywhere and work from any part of your home. It’s light and easy to move, and you can use it to eat or work on,” shares Olah.




Discover more in Lane Crawford stores and online at

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