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Friday, January 05, 2018

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Suzy Drawer $21,500


Great design to me should tick three boxes: It must make you feel good, be functional and have a beautiful aesthetic that never dates,” shares Caroline Olah, founder of designer furniture brand Reddie.


It’s three boxes Olah confidently ticks with her timeless, light-hearted and functional collection of furniture, including dining tables, block stools, stackable dining chairs, coffee tables and benches, all crafted in beautiful materials in classic forms - with just the right touch of retro. What’s partially impressive about the collection is the quality. Made by a team of craftsmen in Central Java Indonesia who specialise in Danish woodworking, each piece is made using the world’s most premium wood - solid teak - paired with European marbles, and promises to last a lifetime.






As Hong Kong’s typically bite-sized abodes can make decorating feel like a challenge, we ask the interior designer and former local resident what tricks she has up her sleeve when it comes to making a modest home look larger.


 “Choose a dining table or sofa that is your ideal size and then work from there. If your place is small, don’t shy away from picking a larger statement piece. Oversized mirrors are also another way to double your room size. I also find having a pared back space makes you feel calmer, and gives your mind room to breathe, so pick a few great pieces and keep out the clutter. Additionally, I love large tropical plants. When you’re unable to have a large backyard, they help clean the air and bring an outdoor feel to your home.”



Suzy Laptop Table $2,500



As for what Reddie pieces work best for a home with limited space? “The Vinny Media unit is great for small flats, as it has so much storage, and can hide all the ugly electronic equipment. The doors are perforated so you can change the channel whilst closed. The Suzy laptop table also works well because you can place it anywhere and work from any part of your home. It’s light and easy to move, and you can use it to eat or work on,” shares Olah.




Discover more in Lane Crawford stores and online at

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Share the Joy of Giving with Lane Crawford, Asia’s iconic luxury department store, by finding the perfect gifts for your special ones and spreading love to the community this festive season. With a world of breath-taking creativity, luxury lifestyle and curated gifts in store and online, Lane Crawford has everything you need to create an unforgettable Christmas.


Lane Crawford stores and have been transformed into Christmas emporiums featuring its global exclusives as well as exciting gift ideas shaped according to your special someone’s behaviours and preferences. Whether looking to surprise your partner with a truly unique gift idea, or spoiling a best friend obsessed with the newest in fashion and lifestyle, or saying a sophisticated thanks with an indulgent hamper, Share the Joy of Giving with Lane Crawford with a twist.


Spread festive joy and share love with the community with Lane Crawford by making a small donation (between HKD5-HKD95 for each transaction) to the Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation. From now until December 25, Lane Crawford will also donate HKD5 for each global exclusive product sold, raising funds to help local underprivileged children develop their creative talents. 


Customers can enjoy complimentary gift wrapping service for shopping in store and online at, to add a personal touch to each of your gifts with its festive packaging.




GIFT IDEAS HK$500 – 2,000




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Fortnum & Mason Pop-up Stores set-up:

Fortnum & Mason’s gourmet selection:


This year, Fortnum & Mason and Lane Crawford join hands to transport the authentic Fortnum experience to the pop-up stores at New Town Plaza and Cityplaza beyond Lane Crawford stores. From now until Feb 28, 2018, customer can shop Fortnum & Mason’s much-loved gourmet selection of signature tea, hampers, biscuits, confectioneries, and Christmas limited editions featuring artwork by renowned designer Kristjana S Williams. 



From its legendary premises in the heart of London’s Piccadilly, Fortnum & Mason has been serving its loyal customers, including the British royal family, for more than 300 years. Known around the world for its peerless selection of fine teas, sweet treats and artisanal preserves, Fortnum & Mason comes into its own at Christmas time, when it is a hotspot for those looking to stock up on its signature traditional foodstuffs and gifts.


Hampers are one of the most popular Christmas gifts today, but their history stretches back centuries. In its earliest days, Fortnum & Mason created hampers for its well-heeled customers when they were leaving London for their country estates, and the tradition of offering products that are the perfect filling for any gift hamper continues to this day. From moreish biscuits such as dark chocolate and macadamia nut or Christmas Teatime, to festive Christmas sponge pudding set, the brand perfectly captures the taste of Christmas. 


Lovely Little Things


The big presents under the tree might grab most of the pre-Christmas attention, but well-chosen stocking fillers are a long-held tradition that shows just as much care. For those little surprises, it’s hard to go wrong with sweet treats, and Fortnum & Mason offers a selection of exquisite chocolates that are perfect for children which come in beautifully designed packaging. The brand also offers an intriguing selection of biscuit flavours presented in delightful traditional souvenir tins.


The Perfect Pour


There are few British traditions as widely celebrated or as deeply held as the classic cup of tea, and nowhere caters to the discerning tea drinker more than Fortnum & Mason. As well as its wide range of signature loose and bagged teas, from Darjeeling Broken Orange and Breakfast Blend to Green Ginger and Camomile Infusion, the brand also offers special-edition packs that make the perfect gift, including the Flowering Heart Tea Wooden Box and the Queen’s Blend Tea, which commemorates the record-breaking reign of Queen Elizabeth II with a blend of Kenyan, Rwandan and Assam teas. As well as the teas themselves, Fortnum & Mason is also renowned for its teaware, including ornate tea strainers, cups and saucers, sugar bowls, serving trays and, of course, teapots.



Editor's notes:

Fortnum & Mason Pop-up Stores’ Addresses:

  • Unit 113, Level 1 Atrium Space, Cityplaza
  • Kiosk 399, Level 3, New Town Plaza Phase 1


Enquiry: +852 2118 2288

Friday, November 10, 2017

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Share the Joy of Giving with Lane Crawford, Asia’s iconic luxury department store, by finding the perfect gifts for your special ones and spreading love to the community this festive season. With a world of breath-taking creativity, luxury lifestyle and curated gifts in store and online, Lane Crawford has everything you need to create an unforgettable Christmas.



Bring Christmas to life in your home with inspirational ideas to trim your tree in thematic antique gold, red or white from a wide selection of handcrafted decorative ornaments, baubles and fairy lighting from Shishi AS and the Lane Crawford global exclusive collection. A well-decorated Christmas tree will become the perfect base for all your wonderful gift boxes.


Lane Crawford presents global exclusive Christmas sweater and knitwear collections for the family, including collaborations with millennials’ favourite Olive and Frank; cashmere specialists INK and Lingua Franca; plus knit experts Johanna Ho, Short Sentence and Threadsmith. Alexander McQueen’s signature scarves, Stuart Weitzman’s suede boots, Thom Browne’s knit beanies, as well as Céline’s red card cases, all go hand-in-hand with Needle & Thread’s dazzling occasion dresses and Harris Wharf London’s timelessly refined tailoring coat to complete a classic winter look.



The ultimate festive wonderland is filled with dress-up sets from Meri Meri, creative craft kits from Donkey, innovative water-based paint for walls and windows from Masking Color, plus an array of educational games. Taking inspiration from fashion-forward parents, Lane Crawford is also debuting global exclusive collections in children’s fashion from Comme Moi, emoji-inspired 8 Bit and Lingua Franca.



Fun, festive, and luxurious cosmetic sets are the perfect gift for women of all ages.  The SHISEIDO Parlour x Lane Crawford global exclusive skincare gift boxes feature culinary treats from Shiseido's Ginza confectionery. This global debut collaboration celebrates the confluence of love, culture and taste. Shiseido loyalists will be delighted by signature skincare collections exclusively created for Lane Crawford.



For those who understand that beauty starts from within, our edit of festive wellbeing treats will supercharge their positive flow. Boasting natural and organic ingredients, The Beauty Chef’s holiday glow set, This Worksdream big kit, Vanessa Megan’s mini natural perfume set and Welleco’s sleep welle caddy/calming mist are perfect gift ideas for wellness afficionados.


Lane Crawford also presents the global exclusive “Chi” water bottle by VitaJuwel. The gems inside the vials transfer their stabilizing and calming energy to the water, which is perfect for yoga and meditation practitioners.



Create a beautiful Christmas meal for your loved ones with Lane Crawford. From gorgeous plates and platters from L’Objet to brass brushed cutlery sets from Valerie Objects, plus Christmas tabletop, festive stemware and candleholders from Astier De Villatte, have fun dressing up the dining table for your home parties these holidays.


For connoisseurs of top-class tipples, Lane Crawford offers an expertly curated selection of Japanese, rare and collectible whiskeys, plus limited-edition champagnes. Featured brands include Suntory Hibiki, Yamazaki, Tom Dixon x Johnnie Walker Blue Label limited edition, and Dom Pérignon by Tokujin Yoshioka limited blanc and rose champagne. Fine decanters and glasses by Baccarat, Riedel and Saint-Louis Crystal are the best companions to appreciate the elegant aroma of fine vintage wines and spirits. 

Friday, September 29, 2017

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Looking for a little something for a lovely someone? Keep the person you’re gifting in mind, you’ll discover an array of gift options that will perfectly match their personal style.


Modern Vintage 


The person you’re gifting for would adore a gift peppered with playful, vintage vibes and a dash of the novelty factor



The person you’re gifting for adores delicate hues, mood-boosting knick-knacks or anything with a stylistic touch
Bold School
The person you’re gifting for would love something bold with a playful pop of colour – and a hint of nostalgia thrown in for good measure
Glam Noir 
The person you’re gifting loves sleek black and white designs and glamourous metallic touches
Geek Chic 
The person you’re gifting for would appreciate a gift that fuses imaginative technology with sleek, modern style
Discover the perfect gift at Lane Crawford Pacific Place Home Store to make you and your loved ones smile

Friday, September 15, 2017

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Meri Meri began in Los Angeles when Meredithe (who’s childhood nickname was Meri Meri) sat at her kitchen table with a pair of scissors, pens and a giant pot of glitter. Then the magic began… cue handcrafted toys and children’s accessories made with love and an adorable homemade aesthetic.



From dress up kits made for make-believe princesses to finger puppets designed to make playtime extra fun and adorable printed bedding sets, Meri Meri has everything you need to pique your little one’s imaginations.


Discover more in Lane Crawford stores and online at

Friday, August 11, 2017

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To celebrate the modern Chinese craftsmanship, Asia’s iconic luxury department store Lane Crawford brings three Chinese artisanal brands together, showcasing a special edit of furniture and home accents from X+Q, Shang Xia and The Fabrick Lab. From bamboo marquetry jewellery box and handwoven cushion to exquisitely crafted figurine, each piece embodies the modern aesthetics with the spirit of Chinese culture. From August to September, “The Makers” series invites customers to experience the finest in Chinese artisanal design at Lane Crawford ifc mall and Pacific Place home store. Join us over cocktails as we discover the intricacy of the production journey with the designers and brand representatives. 



Founded by the renowned contemporary Chinese sculptors and artists Qu Guangci and Xiang Jing,
X+Q Art hopes to deliver a sincere wish of happiness, love and affection through their works. Each piece is completely handcrafted from beginning to end; the X+Q collections are made in limited quantities. Take a closer look at the soulful expression of Baby Bunny; it will make you pause and smile; while the “Ai Mei • Midsummer” can melt your heart with her angelic face. The “Ai Mei • Midsummer” series is Le Méridien Hotels & Resorts’ s first-of-its-kind collaboration with Chinese art collective X+Q Art. 

The initiative shares a passion for diversity, celebrating the unique sense of place of the Le Méridien hotels across Greater China. Each Midsummer girl represents a dynamic location of Le Méridien hotels in China with its own specially designed costume inspired by local places. 

“With its passion for culture, this collaboration is an ideal platform to share our inspirations and aspirations for art, bringing them to an audience that appreciates modern aesthetics and the emotions they evoke,” said Qu Guangci, co-founder, X+Q Art. “Our work with Le Méridien embodies our joint appreciation of different destinations and diverse local cultures, as well as the magic that lies behind the discovery of new places in greater depth.” 
The contemporary Chinese sculptor Qu Guangci will be joining the cocktail at Lane Crawford ifc mall on Aug 18 evening. Explore Qu’s sculpture language and his post-political expression techniques from the sculptures. He has an amazing ability to combine tradition and modern, culture and design, all at the right balance. A dedicated artisan from X+Q Art will demonstrate mold making process behind each unique collectible.

Shang Xia


Dedicated to the discovery of graceful living, Shanghai-based label Shang Xia, merges contemporary design and Chinese culture to create home accents. Bamboo is a part of many traditions and livelihoods. To preserve the natural beauty of bamboo, Shang Xia reinvents Zhejiang’s most remarkable handicraft: bamboo marquetry with modern technology. Inspired by the graceful lines of Ming Dynasty furniture, the ‘Twilight’ collection includes cherry wood jewellery boxes and round trays, inlaid with delicate carved bamboo. The created graphic lattice pattern is an innovation in the marquetry tradition, and Shang Xia logo is combined with the traditional sayagata pattern to form a unique, delicate yet durable design. This new collection continues to represent the flow of energy from the past, present and future. 


Discover the modern elegance of Twilight collection and the art of bamboo marquetry in store; Join the cocktail and experience the finest modern Chinese craftsmanship demonstration by the brand’s artisan on September 2 at Lane Crawford Pacific Place home store.


The Fabrick Lab


Devoted to the search for experimental textile surfaces and materials for bespoke luxury environment, The Fabrick Lab expands the boundaries of textile, connecting local villagers in Guizhou in the Southern China to co-design lifestyle products. 


Known as the ‘techno fairy’ by Elle Deco and a materialologist, The Fabrick Lab designer and founder, Elaine Ng designed an efficient work model with them to achieve skill exchange and helped Guizhou weavers to create a sustainable way of living through making craft. Batik wooden stool, silk scarf and handwoven cushion are handcrafted pieces, using traditional tools with generations of experience. From extracting indigo dye from plants to creating a naturally water repellent cotton surface, the local villagers take every inspiration from nature. The Fabrick Lab treasures traditional Chinese culture and reinvents home accents with a sense of continuity. The production of hand-dyed batik wooden stool shows that batik making technique can be applied to hard surface, which Guizhou artisans have never done before. 


Explore the exquisite handmade crafts of The Fabrick Lab. Elaine will share her creative inspiration on the use of experimental materials at Lane Crawford Pacific Place home store on September 16. Her work has been exhibited at museums like V&A in London and Textile Museum in Toronto; while her art and design research has been widely featured. Her distinctive design approach has proved inspirational to many. 

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