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In partnership with Lane Crawford, the world of sacai is showcased at a two-month long residency titled “walk-in” sacai in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing.

Based on designer Chitose Abe’s personal walk-in closet, “walk-in” sacai is a pop-up space filled with Chitose’s favorite items ranging from ready-to-wear to lifestyle items. This globally exclusive concept is featured at Lane Crawford ifc mall starting from October 19, and October 20 at Lane Crawford Canton Road.

At the “walk-in” sacai pop-up space, customers can find a unique mix of lifestyle products curated and re-imagined by designer Chitose Abe, alongside global exclusive sacai Womenswear, Menswear and Kidswear collections. 




Th“walk-in” sacai pop-up space also includes the newly launched Nike x sacai collaboration, including a special edition of the iconic Nike Air Force 1 uniquely customized in sacai’s hybrid aesthetic. A limited selection of Nike x sacai styles for women, men and kids is available. 




More exclusive and unexpected collaborative items will be launched on November 6, such as ceramics by Astier de Villatte, BE@RBRICK by MEDICOM TOY, duffle coats in collaboration with Gloverall, and beauty gift set with SHISEIDO. 



Discover more at Lane Crawford ifc mall, Canton Road, and online at


Friday, October 12, 2018
New Age Beauty

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Crystals are having a major moment in the beauty world. These powerful gemstones have been used in beauty routines for centuries due to their ability to calm and restore balance to your skin, the precious minerals found in crystals even have toning, firming and regenerative properties. Take your beauty routine to the next level with our must-have picks for a crystal clear glowing skin.



Crystal Illuminator HKD230 each


Inspired by three of the earth’s most precious gemstones – Amethyst, Morganite and Selenite. SkinOwl launches a trio of Body+ face illuminators intended to highlight, soften and nourish your skin with uniquely penetrating and effective pure plants oils, while cleansing the body of stress and anxiety to leave behind a mindful lightness.


                                                             Solaris Laboratories                                                          
Rose Quartz Facial Roller HKD 320 | ‘Alchemy of U’ Crystal Facial Chakra Grid HKD195 | Gua Sha Facial HKD195
Based in New York, Solaris Laboratories adopts a holistic and integrative alternative to beauty and healthcare routines. Bringing a collection of natural skincare products that have endured the test of time to make you feel your very best, including the Rose Quartz Facial Roller and Gua Sha that help to revitalize your skin with a firmer complexion, while the set of Crystal Facial Chakra Grids (meditative facial treatment) helps you to rejuvenate your skin and detoxify your aura to find a well-balanced energy.

Thursday, September 27, 2018
High Efficacy Skincare Brands That We Love

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Finding a good skincare product can literally be a life-changing. With so many skincare brands in the market, you’re always on the hunt for your new skin heroes. Here are 2 new skincare brands that you should include in your skin care routine. Get ready to restore your skin to a smooth, glow and healthy state.



UMA Ultimate Brightening Oil  



The House of Uma has created the world’s finest luxury oils for centuries. As the trusted supplier of essential oils for the world’s best prestige beauty brands, including Estee Lauder and Tom Ford, the Uma family has long enjoyed the reputation as the world’s foremost producer of essential oils. UMA blends relaxing aromatherapy with skincare benefits to present a range of essential oils, which have been scientifically proven to yield dramatic improvements in skin health and overall wellness. Every treatment is expertly handcrafted in small batches to preserve the integrity of the Ayurvedic tradition. The Ultimate Brightening Oil is one of the brand’s best-seller, combining Sandalwood and rose essential oils which deliver rich hydration for a luminous glow.




Art of Noir Skincare Collection HKD320-2,550

Youth Revealed™ Library of Skin Seduction HKD2,900


Founded on a singular dedication to empowering women, NANNETTE de GASPÉ is an eponymous beauty company that helms numerous patents — with the dry-to-the-touch Techstile™ masques being its most revered. Promising youth rejuvenating benefits with each collection, the label bases its efficacy on years of scientific research and revolutionary technologies. It’s newly launched Art of Noir Skincare Collection, contains an exclusive and proprietary formulation including an infusion of Black Tea ferment, Black Superfruits, and Black Tahitian Pearl extracts. This complex of precious and rare ingredients provides continuous hydration, improved radiance, and potent re-densifying, reparing, and restoring benefits for a renewed and revitalized appearance.



Discover more at Lane Crawford ifc mall and online at

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Inspired by the liveliness of eyes, Christian Louboutin expands his opus of Eye Amplifiers, introducing Tape à l’Oeil Eye Colour collection. Enthused by and named after women who turn heads, this pigment-rich Eye Colour range is striking in tone and finish."Tape à l’oeil means eye-catching. It is a woman who exposes her femininity so that no one can miss her," describes the designer. Christian Louboutin’s Eye Colours enable a woman to enhance her eyes with a variety of looks to reveal or conceal her attitudes and intentions. The Maison introduces Eye Colour in two statement-making finishes – matte nude and metallic. Both collections launch in six shades for a total of twelve eye colours. 



Introducing the next generation of the coveted ambient® lighting edit from Hourglass. The unlocked edition features 6 new exclusive shades of powder, bronzer, blush and metallic strobe powder. This 100% vegan palette features the Hourglass symbol representing our commitment to being a cruelty free brand. A portion of profits from this palette will go to support the nonhuman rights project - the only civil rights organization in the united states working to secure legally recognized fundamental rights for nonhuman animals.




Charlotte Tilbury has the confidence-boosting, skin-enhancing answers you need. Introducing her new most magic concealer, Magic Away! – a miracle stick with concealing super powers in 16 magic shades. It instantly reduces the appearance of dark circles, blemishes and imperfections. The upshot of five years worth of work, this full coverage product is topped with a Magic Precision Sponge tip, designed to seamlessly roll over imperfections and leave behind a flawless, radiant complexion — no tricks necessary.






Tuesday, August 28, 2018

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The Beauty Chef:





We are what we eat which is why a nutritious diet is more important than ever. Eating clean when you’re strapped for time isn’t always easy, but these simple additions to your diet can make all the difference.     





Eliminating “bad” foods such as sugars and desserts can be difficult, so balance out the nasty effects on your body by introducing more alkaline foods. “The idea is to create the optimal pH balance in the body because an acidic environment harbours disease and can be blamed for low energy, weight gain and digestive problems. An alkaline diet involves eating lots of leafy greens, vegetables and nuts,” recommends Elle Macpherson, Co-Founder of WelleCo.



Health experts stress continue to stress the importance of gut health and its role in aiding digestive and overall well-being. “Probiotic foods like sauerkraut and kimchi help boost gut health. Studies show that people with a healthier microbial profile in their gut have a better fatty acid profile in their skin,” says Carla Oates, Founder of The Beauty Chef.







Vegetables are a great source of nutrients and vitamins, but not everyone loves them. A vegetable juice will fill you up while providing you with all the goodness the body needs. “I am a big believer in vegetable juicing, which I try to do three times a day. I include garlic, turmeric, ginger, romaine lettuce, coriander, parsley, cucumber, sprouts and a whole lemon,” says Macpherson.




Fibre helps clean the bowels and move waste out of the body while nourishing the gut. “Eat more fruits and veggies which are high in soluble fibre which helps attract water and keep you feeling fuller for longer. Insoluble fibre - found in unpeeled fruits and vegetables, wholegrains and flaxseeds - is what helps to keep things moving along,” says Oates.




For years fat had a bad reputation, but now experts are uncovering its numerous benefits including improved brain performance. “Make sure you choose the right fats such as premium olive oil and sardines which are packed with omega-3 fatty acids,” says Macpherson.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

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Few things are as refreshing as a good night’s sleep. It helps memory, attentiveness, productivity, and of course, our general well-being. But many of us live in a state of continual sleep deprivation. To help, we asked Hong Kong-based, internationally board-certified sleep physiologist, sleep science coach and founder of Sleep HQ, Kate Bridle, for her thoughts on how we can sleep longer and more deeply.



Eye relaxation is important as part of whole-body relaxation, which impacts significantly on sleep. Try giving yourself an eye massage before bed or using a warm compress to relax eye muscles and relieve dry eyes.


Kate says: “A great trick to relax eyes before you go to sleep is to soak a small towel or microfibre cloth in hot water. Squeeze any excess water out, lie down in a dark bedroom and place the cloth over your eyes. Focus on relaxing all facial muscles and keep the cloth in place for five minutes as part of your relaxing bedtime ritual.“





Recent studies including one from the US National Institutes of Health have shown that breathable material is best – that could be silk, wool or cotton. If you choose cotton, don’t be seduced by thread count – it doesn’t necessarily indicate quality. And very high thread count means the fabric might not breathe well. The maximum should be about 500.



Kate says: “Investing in good bedding is important. High-quality, breathable sheets are known to promote better sleep through improved body temperature regulation. Keeping your bedding clean and well-aired is also important. Low body temperature and comfort are significant factors in better sleep quality.” 




Exposure to blue light – the type commonly emitted by digital devices – suppresses our “sleep hormone” melatonin. This is particularly bad at night, as it disrupts our circadian rhythms and may lead to long-term health effects, according to Harvard researchers.


Kate says: “Light is the main external influence on our sleep-wake cycle, and unfortunately we live in a world of artificial light. Stick to ‘warmer’ low-light lamps in the hour before bed to ensure your brain can start preparing for sleep adequately – candlelight is also excellent in that time.”







Meditation is a great way to relax before bed. For beginners, simply sit or lie comfortably, close your eyes, breathe naturally and focus on your breathing and the way your body moves with it.

Kate says: “Many of us are always on the go, so our bodies are in a chronic state of stress or ‘high alert’ and we find it hard to switch off at night. Meditation is a way to calm and focus the mind, to prevent ourselves from worrying about things that may have happened during the day or that may happen the next day. It helps us to control which hormones are surging around our body, switching from those associated with stress and worry to those that help us to rest and relax. I recommend that around 30 minutes before bed, you write a list of anything you need to do tomorrow – putting it on paper gets it off your mind – followed by 10 to 15 minutes of meditation. Apps are excellent help for beginners.”




Discover more at Lane Crawford stores and online at

Friday, July 20, 2018

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Discover the new beauty and wellbeing products which help you get the most from your beauty sleep.


 Charlotte Tilbury – Overnight Blonde and Glow Mask $420



If it’s the bright, radiant skin you’re after, seek for Charlotte Tilbury 's Overnight Bronze & Glow Mask. Formulated with natural tan pigments like nourishing blackcurrant seed oil and oat kernel extract, it allows you to get the bronzed, healthy glowing skin you have long desired.


 UMA - Total Rejuvenation Night Face Oil $1,190


Incorporating a luxe face oil into your evening beauty routine can help your skin maintain much-needed hydration. This Total Rejuvenation Night Face Oil from UMA is blended to combat imperfections and appearance of fine lines. Enriched with natural essential oils, this ultra-rich overnight formula will instantly boost your skin's complexion and radiance.



 This Works - Evening Detox Collection $280-410


Introducing This Works' new Evening Detox collection – nightly natural essentials for optimal skin recovery, providing resilience to the damaging effects of pollution. In synergy with the skin’s internal body clock, this 3-step range of naturally effective anti-pollution skincare rejuvenates pollution exposed skin and boosts overnight detoxification - resulting in a clean and radiant, younger looking complexion.




Vitajuwel - ViA Sunny Morning bottle $770


Inspired by the tradition of ancient Greek crystal healing, this ViA Sunny Morning bottle by VitaJuwel will be your special companion that simultaneously lifts the spirit and calms the mind. Made from durable lead-free glass, this container has an interchangeable gemstone pod filled with orange calcite and clear quartz.


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