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Lane Crawford, Asia’s iconic luxury department store and a globally recognised retail innovator, presents Maria Tash’s elegant fine jewellery collection in a pop-up piercing spa in its ifc mall and Canton Road stores. Being the exclusive retailer in Asia, Lane Crawford has invited Maria Tash's celebrity and expertly trained piercing teams from New York and London to Lane Crawford for 10 days only, to offer their latest collections, styling advice and unrivalled services from January 19 to 28, 2018.


With over 20 years of experience and innovation, Maria Tash's eponymous piercing spa and boutique in New York City has claimed the reputation of offering the best in service and overall piercing expertise and the curation of individualized looks. Maria has fine-tuned the art and expertise of not only piercing but also designing earrings that sit on the ear in the most flattering way, feature her proprietary post designs and offer durability and comfort. Art meets science with Maria's approach to piercing and design and celebrities as well as fashion and beauty industry elite are customers and fans. Many travel to see Maria and her trained staff of stylists for their unique technique and unrivalled design eye that treats every customer with an individual approach that takes their facial qualities and personal aesthetic into consideration. Since the opening of her London Studio at Liberty Jewellery Hall in 2016, Maria Tash is widely regarded as the pioneer of the modern movement around designing and curating luxurious, elegant diamond jewellery.



Her unique technique and unrivalled design eye has created a new wave of fashionable piercings, and therefore attracted celebrity and fashion influencer fans including Scarlett Johansson, Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus, FKA Twigs, Hilary Tsui, Elly Lam, Tina Leung, and Lindsay Jang among her loyal clientele.

Inspired by the art of body piercing and Indian and Pakistani design, Maria Tash’s collections are filled with everything from gold spikes on tiny-hoops to diamonds set in scalloped gold. She also ensures these exquisitely fine earrings are not only hypoallergenic and durable, but also comfortable and beautiful. Her classic diamond eternity ring and single diamond heart and arrow studs are the most popular pieces. Together with a wide range of clever closures and decorative backings earrings, her expert team will offer tailored ear curation and piercings according to customer’s personal style.

To reserve a private consultation with a piercing expert from the Maria Tash Team at Lane Crawford ifc mall and Lane Crawford Canton Road, please call +852 2118 2288.





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Share the Joy of Giving with Lane Crawford, Asia’s iconic luxury department store, by finding the perfect gifts for your special ones and spreading love to the community this festive season. With a world of breath-taking creativity, luxury lifestyle and curated gifts in store and online, Lane Crawford has everything you need to create an unforgettable Christmas.


Lane Crawford stores and have been transformed into Christmas emporiums featuring its global exclusives as well as exciting gift ideas shaped according to your special someone’s behaviours and preferences. Whether looking to surprise your partner with a truly unique gift idea, or spoiling a best friend obsessed with the newest in fashion and lifestyle, or saying a sophisticated thanks with an indulgent hamper, Share the Joy of Giving with Lane Crawford with a twist.


Spread festive joy and share love with the community with Lane Crawford by making a small donation (between HKD5-HKD95 for each transaction) to the Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation. From now until December 25, Lane Crawford will also donate HKD5 for each global exclusive product sold, raising funds to help local underprivileged children develop their creative talents. 


Customers can enjoy complimentary gift wrapping service for shopping in store and online at, to add a personal touch to each of your gifts with its festive packaging.




GIFT IDEAS HK$500 – 2,000



Friday, November 17, 2017
The Family Jewels

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Imagine receiving an invitation to enter into a vault of exquisite vintage jewellery from renowned makers including Repossi, Mellerio and Buccellati. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to view the most treasured and unique pieces, symbolic of the craft of each house.


Parisian family business Mellerio was appointed the official jeweller to the queens of France in 1613 and is adored for its delicate floral motifs wrought in precious stones. The oldest family-owned business lends many antique creations to display in art exhibitions around the world and has become the benchmark of vintage fine jewellery.








From Milanese firm Buccellati, founded in 1919, discover breathtaking pieces that combine the rigour of the line with intricate craftsmanship on cuffs and cocktail rings. Revel at the work of Alberto Repossi, the grandson of the founder of the house and father of current Creative Director Gaia Repossi, who was fascinated with talismans and ancient civilisations.



Allow yourself to dream and indulge your spirit with pieces that each serve as a lesson in the humanities. And that’s the finest thing about exquisite jewellery, crafted over weeks and months, it is designed to be worn over many years and passed through the hands of generations.



Discover these exquisitely unique pieces in store at Lane Crawford ifc mall from November 17 – 26 and at Canton Road from December 1 – 10, 2017.

Friday, November 10, 2017

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Share the Joy of Giving with Lane Crawford, Asia’s iconic luxury department store, by finding the perfect gifts for your special ones and spreading love to the community this festive season. With a world of breath-taking creativity, luxury lifestyle and curated gifts in store and online, Lane Crawford has everything you need to create an unforgettable Christmas.



Bring Christmas to life in your home with inspirational ideas to trim your tree in thematic antique gold, red or white from a wide selection of handcrafted decorative ornaments, baubles and fairy lighting from Shishi AS and the Lane Crawford global exclusive collection. A well-decorated Christmas tree will become the perfect base for all your wonderful gift boxes.


Lane Crawford presents global exclusive Christmas sweater and knitwear collections for the family, including collaborations with millennials’ favourite Olive and Frank; cashmere specialists INK and Lingua Franca; plus knit experts Johanna Ho, Short Sentence and Threadsmith. Alexander McQueen’s signature scarves, Stuart Weitzman’s suede boots, Thom Browne’s knit beanies, as well as Céline’s red card cases, all go hand-in-hand with Needle & Thread’s dazzling occasion dresses and Harris Wharf London’s timelessly refined tailoring coat to complete a classic winter look.



The ultimate festive wonderland is filled with dress-up sets from Meri Meri, creative craft kits from Donkey, innovative water-based paint for walls and windows from Masking Color, plus an array of educational games. Taking inspiration from fashion-forward parents, Lane Crawford is also debuting global exclusive collections in children’s fashion from Comme Moi, emoji-inspired 8 Bit and Lingua Franca.



Fun, festive, and luxurious cosmetic sets are the perfect gift for women of all ages.  The SHISEIDO Parlour x Lane Crawford global exclusive skincare gift boxes feature culinary treats from Shiseido's Ginza confectionery. This global debut collaboration celebrates the confluence of love, culture and taste. Shiseido loyalists will be delighted by signature skincare collections exclusively created for Lane Crawford.



For those who understand that beauty starts from within, our edit of festive wellbeing treats will supercharge their positive flow. Boasting natural and organic ingredients, The Beauty Chef’s holiday glow set, This Worksdream big kit, Vanessa Megan’s mini natural perfume set and Welleco’s sleep welle caddy/calming mist are perfect gift ideas for wellness afficionados.


Lane Crawford also presents the global exclusive “Chi” water bottle by VitaJuwel. The gems inside the vials transfer their stabilizing and calming energy to the water, which is perfect for yoga and meditation practitioners.



Create a beautiful Christmas meal for your loved ones with Lane Crawford. From gorgeous plates and platters from L’Objet to brass brushed cutlery sets from Valerie Objects, plus Christmas tabletop, festive stemware and candleholders from Astier De Villatte, have fun dressing up the dining table for your home parties these holidays.


For connoisseurs of top-class tipples, Lane Crawford offers an expertly curated selection of Japanese, rare and collectible whiskeys, plus limited-edition champagnes. Featured brands include Suntory Hibiki, Yamazaki, Tom Dixon x Johnnie Walker Blue Label limited edition, and Dom Pérignon by Tokujin Yoshioka limited blanc and rose champagne. Fine decanters and glasses by Baccarat, Riedel and Saint-Louis Crystal are the best companions to appreciate the elegant aroma of fine vintage wines and spirits. 

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Lydia Courteille's wonderfully whimsical jewellery brings together science, gemmology, and a true passion for jewellery that has been with the designer since she was a child. Parisian born Courteille is an antique jewellery expert, crafting incredible creations with precious stones that take inspiration from ancient archaeology, flora, fauna and fantasy.



Her latest collection “Un automne à Pekin” draws inspiration from Feng Shui and Chinese superstitions during her visit to China. It is also a tribute to the novel “Un automne à Pekin” by Boris Vian, an author who influenced Lydia Courteille when she was young. Jeweled frog, dragon, bat, cicada and golden coins are appearing on her pieces which symbolize luck, wealth, prosperity and longevity. These exquisite pieces are also highly influenced by Chinese architecture, traditional handicrafts and clothing, the elegant shoulder scraping earrings featuring carved ice jade, rubellites, tsavorites, rubies and sapphires are inspired by the costumes and tassels of China.

Discover Lydia Courteille's exquisitely unique creations in store at Lane Crawford ifc mall from November 1 to 15, 2017.

Friday, October 13, 2017

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From the early myths surrounding precious gemstones to their first discovery in India, China and Brazil, and the painstaking creation of timeless modern-day treasures, Lane Crawford takes you on a journey to immerse yourself in the wonder of the earth’s most beautiful gifts.





Known as the stone of heaven, jadeite is steeped in mystery and majesty and has been celebrated in all its beauty in sculpture and jewellery since the Neolithic period. In Chinese culture, jade was seen as a link between heaven and earth and embodied Confucian virtues of wisdom, justice, compassion, purity and modesty.


While instantly recognised in its vivid green hue, jade comes in various shades - from lavender and white to red and yellow - and given its range of luminous colours and versatility, it is becoming increasingly popular with both Eastern and Western jewellery designers.


Acclaimed jadeite jeweller Samuel Kung juxtaposes polished raw shapes with a traditional Chinese aesthetic and delicate diamond settings in pieces that are as timeless as the material itself. Neither standardised nor formulaic, jadeite's most important qualities are colour, transparency and texture, with the most perfect iterations glossy, glassy, almost luminous, as if lit from within.



As the Chinese saying goes, "Gold is valuable, but jade is priceless."




Throughout history the mesmerizing mystique of diamonds has enthralled kings and queens, moguls and movie stars, evolving into the ultimate possession. Emerging from the Golconda region of India, between the Godavari and Krishna Rivers in Hyderabad, this legendary diamond carpeted valley is mentioned in stories going back some three thousand years, from Marco Polo’s accounts of the wonders of the world to the voyages of Sinbad. In the passage of time, legends, myths and beliefs have intertwined to create the inimitable mystique of the diamond as precious beyond measure.
Objects of desire, symbols of power and status, the diamond has innate dualities; on one hand it is one of the rarest substances on earth, but equally, is formed from carbon, one of the most common elements on the planet; the diamond is at once ethereal and earthy, full of clarity and yet filled with mystery.
Today, in addition to the classic 4C’s of diamond classification (cut, carat, colour, clarity) Lazare Diamonds, focus on ‘Consistency,’ a dedication to the fine art of gem cutting that means every stone is cut to achieve its own personal perfection, with maximum brilliance from every angle.

Strictly speaking, any gemstone outside of the “Big Four” (diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds) has always been considered semi-precious, and the term was originally invented by the industry to describe gems that were more abundant. However, important gemstones are now perceived as the ultimate in rarity, and therefore the ultimate in portable assets with high investment potential.
Contemporary jewellery designers are now utilising a rich colour palette that comes from gem mines across the globe. Italian jeweller Roberto Coin uses an incredible bouquet of coloured stones - from honey coloured gold quartz to shimmering blue topaz - in his architectural designs that mix and celebrate the brilliance and mesmerising hues of nature.
While on the other side of the world, the rich heritage of India can be seen in the cornucopia of colour used by Aishwarya, who select only the most dynamic and bold stones for their inimitable designs.
Discover the beauty of these bejewelled treasures at our exclusive trunk show in store at Lane Crawford Canton Road from October 9 - 25, 2017 and at ifc mall from October 28 - November 13, 2017.

Friday, October 06, 2017

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“I loved working with Gigi. Her sense of detail and her discerning eye for fashion completely won me over,” says Valerie Messika, founder and creative director of one of fine jewellery’s most innovative contemporary diamond houses.


Messika invited Hadid to create a special collection series for the fine jewellery label that is also celebrating the 10th anniversary of its famed Move collection. What Hadid injected was a punk spirit to pieces that are all about stones in motion. “There are at least 16 pieces in pavé, non pavé in rose, white and yellow gold. Earrings, endlessly transformable necklaces, a choker, as well as rings and bracelets that are designed to be worn solo or stacked together,” says Messika who first became enraptured by diamonds as a toddler.



Her father, a leading diamond dealer, used to bring home stones and allow the young Valerie to play with the gems. Early learning paid off. After working with her father, Valerie launched Messika in 2005 and a Paris fine jewellery atelier and flagship soon followed.


“I am always looking for inspirations on my travels, through architecture, interior design - which I am crazy about - by walking in the streets and looking at people’s attitude and style,” says Messika. The Move concept has many dimensions and alongside Hadid’s line, finds anniversary pieces inspired by the work of industrial designer Ron Arad and graphics supremo, Leoh Ming Pei.


The beauty of all these pieces is that they don’t just sit there and dazzle, they move and play.


Discover more at our exclusive Messika Trunk Show in Lane Crawford ifc mall and Canton Road from September 30 – October 20, 2017.

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