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Cinta Collection
Naga Karunia Hand Cuff $257,400 | Danau Dunia Cuff $489,100 | Naga Vishnu Fire Bracelet $124,500 | Brahma Visnu Earrings $145,900



When artist and visionary jeweller John Hardy first visited Bali in the 1970s, the beauty of the island immediately enchanted him. Inspired by the traditions of the local artisans, he founded an authentic collective with the local craftsmen and unknowingly began his journey to empower the community through the craftsmanship of ancient Bali.


There is a distinct strength and mystical beauty in each object that is inspired by the island’s culture that gives birth to dramatic rings and bracelets that are sculptural in form and use precious metals and stones to enchanting effect.





Each piece is crafted from original sketches using an eight-step process descended the jewellers of Bali’s ancient courts. Collections are brought to life through ‘wax carving’, where skilled carvers create an expect replica based solely from the designer’s sketch. This is continually refined until it reaches the perfect form that can take up to several weeks for each piece. After, the wax is casted in silver or gold; it is then moulded, delicately assembled and finished, all by hand by master artisans. Committed to community, artisanship and sustainability, John Hardy is more than jewellery, it is an eternal connection to the source of inspiration.

Discover the sustainable and luxury jewellery of John Hardy in store at Lane Crawford Canton Road from August 18 – 27 and at ifc mall from September 1 – 10, 2017. Highlights of the show include the 26 one-of-a-kind pieces from the highly coveted Cinta Collection, which means ‘love’ in the Indonesian language.


Meet three artisans from Bali who will be showcasing their craftsmanship including sketching, wax carving and chain making. Take this unique opportunity to have your own John Hardy piece exclusively engraved on site by the artisans at Lane Crawford ifc mall on September 2, 2017.





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