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Youthful and Unruly Spirit

A luxury, stylish and quality luggage is just as important as what you pack no matter how far you travel, OOKONN x STUDIO CONCRETE capsule collection displays exceptional detail that gives excitement to every journey.



Both OOKONN and STUDIO CONCRETE are founded by talented and forward-thinking designers, the collaboration has pushed the boundaries of the industry with their youthful and unconventional spirit.




Aesthetic and Quality Design

With a durable and lightweight design, 360° double-wheel spinners and two TSA-approved combination locks, the new collection further combines OOKONN’s distinctively patented round rolling luggage with the signature STUDIO CONCRETE Series ‘1 to 10’ conceptual prints.  Travellers can be reminded of the importance of a mindful and memorable journey.

The collection is now available at Lane Crawford stores and online at with one month exclusivity.




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Lane Crawford, Asia’s iconic luxury department store, invites customers to contemplate the conscious use of the imagination in ‘Artistic Expressions’ – its latest collection of artworks displayed in store and online. Bolstering its commitment to scouting new creative talent and selecting exclusive edits for its Asian customers, Lane Crawford will showcase a series of original, one-of-a-kind artworks by artists from around the globe between March 25 and April 24, 2019.


L’OBJET Haas Brothers Collection



It is artistic expression that fuses imaginative minds and skilled hands. Inspired by the otherworldly landscape of California’s Joshua Tree National Park, Los Angeles-based artists Simon and Nikolai Haas reworked their family of characterful creatures in close collaboration with Elad Yifrach, Creative Director of L’OBJET, to create a collection that spans tableware, home décor, textiles and fragrance. The collection is available exclusively at Lane Crawford in Asia, “When deciding where and when to take the fantasy world of L’OBJET Haas Brothers, Hong Kong during Art Basel was top of our list. We have such a rich history with Lane Crawford, who I know will create an incredible experience for its luxury Asian customers”, Yifrach added.



Art Meets Design



Connecting art and design, Australian curator Emma Elizabeth brings together eight design talents, including Adam Goodrum, Alex Fitzpatrick and leading design studios such as Skeehan and Stellen Workshop, to present a collector’s edition of the most innovative Australian design through a global exclusive lifestyle collection for Lane Crawford. This one-of-a-kind collection includes decorative objects and sustainable furniture and will be showcased to an international audience during Milan Design Week.




“It is an honour to have our work presented in Lane Crawford, the destination of discovery, and to be part of their vision to present the most contemporary art and design to the world”, Adam Goodrum said. “For us an object that is artfully designed is one that is both beautiful and useful. In other words, design is art made practical. We felt that it was this shared approach that attracted us to Lane Crawford. Stop & Smell the Roses was made exclusively for the Artistic Expressions programme and has offered a wonderful opportunity to share Volker Haug Studios playful and functional aesthetic with the Asian design community”, Volker Haug Studio said.


Discover more at Lane Crawford stores and online at


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André Fu tapped into the world of lifestyle with the establishment of André Fu Living in 2016. Fu began his foray into product design by collaborating with unique artisans personally selected by him. Known for his modernist sensibilities and distinctive ability to bring a calm simplicity to interior spaces, the global exclusive debut collection from André Fu Living encapsulates key elements of his style.  Inspired by his childhood memories of significant places and different cultures, the collection celebrates Fu’s own nomadic life and his personal experience of the world of hospitality.



“The essence of hospitality revolves around the creation of experiences. When people host guests at their homes, I hope the pieces contribute to their experience and act as a backdrop to a celebratory moment or simply integrate into people’s everyday lives.  To me, true luxury is in the experience and not just the aesthetics.’ says Fu.

The collection encompasses a total of 150 items designed to decorate every room of the home with understated elegance to provoke emotions. Initially, it features two design languages – Artisan Artistry, inspired by the artistic expression, and Vintage Modern, a range inspired by the geometric patterns typically featured in 1960s Modernist architecture.


Discover more at Lane Crawford ifc mall, Pacific Place home store and online at

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Aishwarya is imbued with rich Indian heritage showing majestic grandeur. Paying homage to its rich Indian heritage, Aishwarya presents stunning jewellery with excellent craftsmanship.


Taking reference from the Indian culture and design aesthetic of Victorian era, Aishwarya takes you on a journey to explore exotic India. The pieces showcase the richness of colour through a mix of rubies, emeralds and sapphires. They work with finest artisans who bring Indian heritage in a contemporary form with sleek and ornate design, bringing a story for each and every magical piece.




Join us for an exclusive Aishwarya trunk show to adore the beauty of the Indian pieces in vibrant colours, decorative forms and meaningful virtue at Lane Crawford Canton Road from now to December 25; and at Lane Crawford ifc mall from December 27 to January 8.

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Offering clean cuts and impeccable silhouettes designed with a hint of sly humour, Maison Kitsuné has grown into a cult fashion favourite for good reason. The French label’s proclivity to experiment and push the boundaries is borne out by Acide Maison Kitsuné, its newly unveiled line of arty, genderless clothing. While still anchored to the brand’s DNA of easy and effortless style, Acide Maison Kitsuné adds a twist with a couple of key design differences.


First, each piece is made to be suitable for men and women, which gives your wardrobe double mileage. Second, the brand’s emblematic fox logo has been given a high-voltage upgrade by Australian-born, New York-based illustrator Christina Zimpel, who has added a vivid flash of attitude to the inimitable fellow with acid-bright strokes of colour.


Featuring unfussy but totally on-point pieces such as a monochrome polka-dot sweater, an essential white polo-neck and a crisp grey cardigan, Acide Maison Kitsuné presents forward-thinking casualwear that has been taken up a notch.

Discover more at Lane Crawford stores and online at

Friday, November 02, 2018
Roberto Coin: The Animal Kingdom

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Robert Coin works with Italy’s most renowned jewellery artisans who bring the designer’s romantic and borderless imagination to works of art, giving each one a story to tell the world.


The one-of-the-kind Animalier collection is the little artistic sculptures with anatomical details - from parrots and cheval to elephant. Animal-inspired rings, bracelets and necklaces and more are crafted from 18-karat gold. They will surely bring a dose of sophisticated fun to your stylish look.



 ELEPHANT BRACELET                            PARROT RING                             CHEVAL BRACELET

HKD 386,000                                     HKD 134,000                                  HKD 208,000


Join us for Roberto Coin trunk show at Lane Crawford Canton Road from November 1 to 12; and at Lane Crawford ifc mall from November 15 to 26 to explore the Animalier collection.



Tuesday, October 30, 2018

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Today’s working landscape has changed. While anyone over 50 might remember a time before cell phones, when everyone wore a suit and casual Friday’s were the thing of fiction, things are now altogether more flexible. There are fewer rules, and the ones we have are being endlessly bent or completely dismantled (trainers with a tuxedo, anyone?)


This new way of working brings with it a raft of dressing challenges. After all, you don’t want to be the guy in a two-piece when everyone else is racing around in jeans and slogan T-shirts. To that end, we’ve pulled together an outfit cheat sheet by a man with the sartorial know-how - Trunk’s Mats Klingberg - for three different types of working man, designed to serve as a reference point for anyone who may need a helping hand.




Men in this camp can work in a number of professions, but the unifying rule is they don’t spend more than a week in the same city. When your work takes you on and off airplanes and in and out of cabs, comfort and versatility in your wardrobe take on a whole new importance. “You should basically be able to reach in to your wardrobe blindfolded and pick out a jacket, a shirt and a pair of trousers and they will match,” says Klingberg. “This will make dressing and packing so much easier and you’ll get more use out of everything.” So, staple knitwear, jackets and lightweight trousers in brown, grey, black are a great start.





If you’re in London, Berlin or Australia, chances are you know at least 13 people who work in graphic design. Are they in suits? No, we didn’t think so. Still, it’s no excuse to let style slide. Sub-30, you can get away with printed T-shirts and light denim, but head north of that number and you’re better off opting on the smarter side. Think Steve Jobs and you’re on the right track. Klingberg says, “Keep it as simple as possible, so that you can put most of your efforts on living life and getting the job done.” That means a loosely tailored jacket, chinos or slim trousers, block-colour knitwear and brown leather or suede loafers.






The 2018 CEO is as likely to be that nerdy 20-year-old in jeans and an old sweater as he is to be suited and booted. We would suggest, however, opting for a slightly smarter rendition of the look than Mark Zuckerberg. For a modern twist that still means business, mix-and-match your jackets and trousers; alternatively, you can always rely on the classic navy or charcoal wool-mix suit. Klingberg advises, “Have things tailored to fit if needed, and you’ll go a long way. We all come in different shapes and forms, so alterations can make a big difference to how something fits, which in turn can make a big difference to how you look and feel. This is not about being vain; it’s about being smart.” We couldn’t agree more.






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